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PP Caps Aluminum Foil —Environment-friendly Material

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PP Caps and PP Caps Aluminum Foil

PP caps refers to the caps that are commonly used in life, such as medicines, cosmetics, foods, etc., which are made with pp materials (chemically called polypropylene). It has high impact resistance, tough mechanical properties, and resistance to a variety of organic solvents and acid and alkali corrosion, because it can also resist oxidation of acid, and PE (polyethylene) caps can not, gradually exceed the use amount of PE caps, becoming the best-selling product of the moment.

PP caps can not be directly covered on the bottle, so that it will not protect the performance of the loaded food, medicine, etc., and aluminum foil gasket (also known as bottle mouth composite membrane gasket) is required for sealing. The cover sealing aluminum foil gasket is composed of heat sealing layer, aluminum foil, weak adhesive layer and cardboard, and then embedded in the bottle cap, so that the aluminum foil wrap around the bottle mouth, covers the aluminum PP cap, tightens the bottle mouth. The sealing machine can be sealed by electromagnetical local induction. PP caps aluminum foil is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, pesticides, engine oil, detergents, hair care products, alcohol and other industries. It has the functions of anti-leakage, preservation, anti-degeneration, anti-counterfeiting, anti-moisture and so on.

PP caps aluminum foil

Types of PP Caps Aluminum Foil

Food PP Caps Aluminum Foil

Taking the PP caps aluminum foil for dried milk as an example, the global dairy product price has risen, and the price of milk powder packaging has also risen sharply. At present, most of the products are packaged in plastic and paper. However, this kind of packaging can’t easily withstand the bumps of long-distance transportation, and has poor resistance to internal and external pressures, and leakage, and the sealing of milk powder packaging faces enormous challenges. Therefore, the advantages of food aluminum pp caps material are highlighted and used by more and more milk powder products.

Medicine PP Caps Aluminum Foil

The sealing package design of the drug is a direct factor affecting the failure of the drug. Similarly, it also means that if the sealing packaging material can directly contact the drug and the stability of the material molecules in different environments. These factors are the reasons for choosing PP caps aluminum foil for pharmaceuticals. Not only that, but medicine aluminum foil is also used in the entire pharmaceutical packaging.

Cosmetics PP Caps Aluminum Foil

The back of PP caps aluminum foill can be printed with laser anti-counterfeiting marks or trademarks, patterns, advertisements and other information, highlighting the grade of cosmetics. In the current fierce competition in the cosmetics industry, It undoubtedly shows great advantages in detail and enhances the competitiveness and added value of cosmetics.

PP caps aluminum foil

Advantages of PP Caps Aluminum Foil

1. Easy to compound, easy to tear: Aluminum foil can be well bonded with PP caps PP material, easy to operate, so users can easily tear off when in use. At the same time, it also means that its processing cost is low, aluminum foil price is low, suitable for large-volume PP caps aluminum foil production, to meet the huge demand of the current food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other markets.

2. Non-toxic, high stability: PP caps aluminum foil is non-toxic and tasteless, and can be in direct contact with food, medicine, cosmetics and so on. It has excellent light-shielding, moisture-proof, gas-blocking and taste-keeping properties, and theoretically perfectly blocks any gas and light, and most effectively protects the packaged object. Almost all materials requiring opacity and high barrier use aluminum foil as a barrier layer.

3. Environmentally friendly, recyclable: Not only can be produced in large quantities, but also after use, PP caps aluminum foil is degradable and easy to recycle. It is the ideal environmentally friendly packaging material for aluminum pp cap manufacturers.

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