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In the field of cutting-edge technologies such as aviation and ships, the application of aluminum is not uncommon. There are Aviation aluminum and Marine Grade Aluminum. In the automotive industry, only the Jaguar family is the one that has spread the all-aluminum body structure to all models. So, Jaguar has always been firmly on the road of “all-aluminum”, what practical benefits will it bring to the owners?

Automotive aluminum

Safer, sturdy body escort for travel

Peace is the greatest happiness, and the car is responsible for ensuring safe travel for the whole family. When the vehicle is rubbed or bumped, the solid body will provide immeasurable protection for the occupants.
One of the reasons why Jaguar insists on adopting a smart all-aluminum body structure is this. Jaguar’s high-strength aluminum is 60% tougher than the equivalent steel. With the self-piercing riveting and structural adhesives from the aerospace industry, the rigidity and strength of the body are better than those of similar steel bodies, and can withstand stronger in severe collisions. Impact, to ensure a complete body structure, to prevent damage caused by vehicle deformation to the occupants.

Automotive aluminum

More durable, vehicle maintenance and peace of mind

Long service life and simple maintenance are the common aspirations of car owners. However, the environment faced by the vehicle is very harsh. The environment such as high temperature, high humidity, cold or high salt content on the beach erodes the body unconsciously, and the service life of the vehicle is greatly affected.
Jaguar has long been considered by car owners. Its 6-series aluminum alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and can easily resist the erosion of the vehicle in the natural environment. It is naturally and labor-saving, and the cost of the car is minimized. Extend vehicle usage time.

Automotive aluminum

Lighter, the value of the control is correct

A high-value car, highlighting the identity and taste of the owner, and the car’s handling performance, is the driving force of driving. Jaguar’s intelligent all-aluminum body structure brings the charm of the value and control to the car.
The lightweight construction makes the Jaguar body more flexible and easier to fit. Each of Jaguar’s cars has a near-perfect 50:50 dynamic weight distribution ratio for superior handling. The plasticity of the aluminum makes the complex shape easier to achieve, and it is visually more elegant and harmonious, showing the aesthetic taste of the owner.

Automotive aluminum

More environmentally friendly, practicing low-energy car life

Global warming, energy depletion and other issues are related to everyone’s life. An eco-friendly car with low fuel consumption and low carbon dioxide emissions is a huge attraction for consumers.
The weight of the car is proportional to fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, while aluminum weighs only one-third of the weight of the steel. Therefore, the application of the all-aluminum body structure greatly reduces the weight of the Jaguar body, thereby achieving better fuel economy and lower carbon dioxide emissions, saving the fuel cost for the owner and the environmental protection of the owner. heart.
The comprehensive advantages of all-aluminum body in terms of safety, durability, handling and environmental protection have been recognized and favored by more and more consumers. As the most mature automobile brand in the world of aluminum alloy manufacturing technology, Jaguar is the first to adopt a smart all-aluminum body structure for all models, bringing consumers comprehensive enjoyment from advanced technology.

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