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Application of aluminum foil tape in the packaging industry

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Aluminum foil tape has many characteristics such as wide application, easy to use, high economic efficiency and rapid development. With the development of economy and the advancement of science and technology, it will increasingly attract people’s attention and become a promising industry. Although China’s packaging of Adhesive Foil has achieved remarkable development in the past decade, there are still some gaps with the world’s advanced level in many aspects, mainly: varieties and quality can not fully meet the requirements, many varieties still need to be imported; application technology research work Can not catch up with the requirements of new varieties of development; production equipment is backward, low-level repetitive varieties are still many, there is no systematic country, industry materials and testing methods.

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With the improvement of people’s living standards, there are higher requirements for packaging, especially for sales packaging, such as the beautiful packaging of cigarettes, wine, medicine, cosmetics, etc. we see. In order to achieve the purpose of beautifying packaging, the film should be coated on the printed matter. Under the premise of not changing the original tone of the printed matter, the film can be made more lustrous and more dazzling, and can be protected from moisture and abrasion. The ground protects the inner layer. Adhesives and coatings for laminating are also constantly evolving. Solvent-based or emulsion-based adhesives such as E–VA, polyurethane, and polyester are commonly used, and solvent-based laminating adhesives are organic solvent-based aluminum foils. The solvent used for the tape is generally toluene, solvent oil, etc., which accounts for more than 60% of the total amount of aluminum foil tape. Therefore, it not only pollutes the environment, endangers the health of workers, but also may cause fires during operation. The emphasis has been on printing companies to choose aluminum foil tape that meets both quality and environmental requirements.

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When it comes to tape, the main function is to stick or temporarily fill the broken things. The main material of our common tape is acrylate. Generally speaking, it should be tasteless, but now many tapes are odorous, which is caused by the high content of unpolymerized monomers. The main content of aluminum foil tape is like its name, that is, aluminum foil is the main material. Its advantages are good adhesion, strong adhesion, anti-aging and so on. It is used as a maintenance and parcel for pipes in refrigerators and some electrical appliances. Long service life, can not be replaced for a long time. As can be seen from the application structure, the packaging industry is the largest industry for aluminum foil tape applications. It is widely distributed in various fields of paper products, printing and decoration, plastics and other packaging industries. At the same time, with the development of the aluminum foil tape industry, packaging products have also been improved. The quality and grade have promoted the development of the packaging industry.

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