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Aluminum alloy fence 6063 aluminum plate

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The aluminum alloy guardrails have risen rapidly in recent years. The traditional guardrails are made up of cast iron railings, which are not only cumbersome but also costly. Recently, a better aluminum alloy guardrail has replaced him as the protagonist of the guardrail industry. Today, Mingtai aluminum plate suppliers tell you what to pay attention to when buying aluminum alloy guardrails?

6063 aluminum plate

Advantages of aluminum alloy fence:

The aluminum alloy guardrail has a simple structure and is light in weight – the product is disassembled and assembled, no welding, and no screws are visible on the surface. The connection is compact and there is no loosening. Easy to pack, transport and install. The weight of aluminum is only one-third of that of iron, steel, copper or bronze. The product is light, easy to process and economical to transport.
High strength, good flexibility and good corrosion resistance – Compared with other traditional raw materials, the hardness of aluminum can resist large tensile and impact forces, and has better flexibility. At the same time, the surface of the aluminum alloy balcony guardrail is treated with a surface treatment such as extreme oxidation to make the product have high corrosion resistance.

6063 aluminum plate

Aluminum alloy fence surface treatment:

The appearance is high-grade and beautiful – the surface of the aluminum has been anodized according to industry standards, and the natural metallic luster or after sanding and electrophoresis can obtain any desired appearance. Ultra-high safety – The product uses high-strength 6063 aluminum plate as raw material and is formed by T5 heat treatment process, which greatly increases the tensile and compressive properties of the product.
The spacing of the product is the result of many trials and demonstrations, which not only plays a protective role, but also enhances the visual appearance of the appearance. Green Health and Environmental Protection – In today’s increasingly serious environmental problems, aluminum alloy guardrails use materials that meet international quality and environmental standards to create a safe and healthy living space for you.

6063 aluminum plate

Aluminum alloy guardrail raw materials and technology:

The aluminum alloy guardrail is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and the surface is specially treated to make the product have better performance. It can be used safely in air-polluted cities or coastal areas where sea salt is corroded. The design height of the humanized design standard and the reliable anti-drilling distance are the guarantee of safety; it is highly harmonious with people, architecture and nature, not only meets the technical requirements but also meets the cultural needs.
The aluminum alloy guardrail is made of 6063 industrial aluminum. It is made by extrusion, aging, ironing and high-temperature electrostatic spraying. Mingtai Aluminum 6063 aluminum alloy is one of the main materials for aluminum alloy guardrails, and is widely popular in the market. The aluminum alloy guardrail does not need welding, wire connection and corner code connection. Its nodes are tight, seamless, safe and reliable, and it has excellent quality, such as beautiful and fashionable, no rust, long life and good environmental protection.


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