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Aluminium Foil Roll in China

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Aluminium Foil Roll in China

At present, ,aluminium foil roll in china is developing rapidly, and the market scale and production and sales volume have maintained rapid growth year after year. It has to be said that these are due to the excellent application performance of aluminum foil in the fields of heat conduction and recycling, which makes the demand for aluminium foil roll in household appliances and packaging continue to rise. At present, the annual demand for aluminium foil roll in china has reached more than 300,000 tons, and China has developed into the third largest packaging country after the United States and Japan. In the next few years, the growth rate of packaging aluminium foil roll in china in china will greatly exceed the growth rate of air conditioning and cable applications.

aluminium foil roll

High-quality Aluminium Foil Roll in China

Zero Pinhole Aluminium Foil Roll

High-quality Chinese aluminum foil manufacturer will strictly control the quality of aluminium foil roll blanks from the source. The first step in the production of aluminium foil roll is to do a good job of purifying aluminum melt to eliminate air channels and inclusion waste. During the rolling, the reasonable setting of the tension is strictly controlled, and the metal and non-metal are prevented from being pressed in. Not only that, for the production of aluminium foil roll in china, the aluminum foil manufacturer strengthens the filtering of rolling oil in real time to reduce the generation of inclusions and dirt. At the same time, the external environment of the foil mill is also monitored in real time. Make sure the aluminium foil roll has no pinholes in all directions.

No Slit Aluminium Foil Roll

In addition, the shape of the aluminium foil roll in china is strictly controlled from the source to ensure that the shape is fully flat. During the later rolling, the aluminum foil manufacturer will try to increase the back tension of the aluminum foil as much as possible, and control the injection quantity and position of the cooling lubricant reasonably. When double dripping oil, make the drip nozzle open and control the amount of dripping oil. The produced aluminium foil roll has no seam defects.

No burrs, Stratified Layers, or Warped Edges

Of course, as for high-quality aluminium foil roll in china in china after being cutting, there will be no thorns of different sizes on the edges, and aluminum foil string layers caused by uneven end faces. These are all due to our aluminum foil manufacturer guarantee of sharp blades to cope with the continuous cutting of aluminium foil roll. And control the plate shape at all times, keep the details such as the distribution of lubricating oil uniformly, high-quality aluminium foil roll in china is also produced.

aluminium foil roll

Mingtai Aluminium Foil Roll in China

Knowing so many advantages of aluminium foil roll in china, do you want to start your buying journey? I think Mingtai Aluminum might be a good choice. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd is China’s first aluminum coil/ strip/ foil aluminum sheet supplier to enter the international market. It was established in 1997 and has 13 years of experience in international market operations. So far, Mingtai 1235 aluminium foil / 3004 aluminium foil/ 5052 aluminium foil / 8011 aluminum foil has been exported to more than 100 countries and regions on 7 continents, and is widely used in the fields of household, medicinal, food, and electrolytic capacitors. After continuous efforts to accumulate, Mingtai aluminium foil roll in China ranks among the top five in export volume and has a market share of more than 40% in Australia, becoming the second manufacturer of export credibility for global aluminum sheet/strip and foil companies in the Americas. If you have any needs, then don’t hesitate to click the customer service dialog on the right, chat online, and get it for free. Here, Mingtai sincerely looks forward to your inquiry! hurry up!

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