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Aluminium Sheet Malaysia Price

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Aluminium Sheet Malaysia

China and Malaysia are close neighbors. As Malaysia’s largest trading partner, China’s supply of aluminium sheet Malaysia has a long history. What are the advantages of aluminum sheet supplier in China? In fact, as early as 2006 statistics, there are about 700 aluminium sheet / strip / foil manufacturing companies in the world, of which there are about 350 in China. And as early as 2010, China has built and put into use two world-leading aviation-grade aluminum alloy thick plate production lines with a total production capacity of 130 kt / a, which is unique in the world. Obviously, the aluminum sheet supplier in China cannot be underestimated. Next, let’s take a look at the aluminium sheet Malaysia price.

aluminium sheet Malaysia

Aluminium Sheet Malaysia Price Elements

1.Aluminium Ingot Price

Everyone knows that the price of aluminum ingots fluctuates every day, so the aluminum sheet supplier quotation for aluminium sheet Malaysia of the same specification will also change as the price of aluminum ingots fluctuates. For example, the aluminum ingot price on a certain day of a month is USD 1565, and today’s price is USD 1413. If you buy aluminium sheet now, the aluminium sheet Malaysia price per ton is at least USD 152, so buyers must seize the opportunity.

2.Processing Costs

Aluminium sheet Malaysia with different alloy grades has different processing costs per ton. Even if the customer wants the same model and specification of aluminium sheet Malaysia, there may be different aluminium sheet Malaysia price at several different aluminum sheet supplier. This is due to additional costs such as equipment capacity, product quality, and other costs of the aluminum sheet supplier. Taking the leading company Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd as an example, the processing cost of producing a certain 1060 aluminum plate in the H18 temper is about USD 257, while the processing cost of 6061-T4 aluminium sheet is above USD 1428 per ton. Of course, other companies aluminium sheet Malaysia price is not necessarily the case, the main reason is the impact of manufacturers’ strength, cost control, quality control and so on.


Logistics freight also has a certain effect on the aluminium sheet Malaysia price. However, due to the geographical advantage, the freight rate from China to the Malaysian shipping port is relatively low, and the aluminium sheet Malaysia price is also very cost-effective. At the same time, it must be mentioned that for large aluminum sheet supplier, there will be a mature and complete logistics system, thereby saving some overall transportation costs.

aluminium sheet Malaysia

Mingtai Aluminium Sheet Malaysia Supplier

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd is a large modern aluminum sheet supplier integrating scientific research, processing and manufacturing in China, and has entered the international market for the first time. So far, Mingtai has 13 years of operating experience in the international market, supplying 1 series/ 5 series/3 series aluminum plate etc with different grades and specifications of aluminium sheet Malaysia to meet any of your needs, and provide the largest price concessions. Here you will be pleasantly surprised. Come without hesitating to click on the customer service dialog on the right, chat online, and get aluminium sheet Malaysia price consultation for free. Mingtai sincerely looks forward to your arrival!

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