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5182 aluminium plate realizes automobile lightweight

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Under the urgent situation that the world automobile industry pays more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, the three major issues of energy conservation, environmental protection and safety improvement are urgently needed for the automobile industry. Because the forming and production performance of aluminum sheets are very close to that of steel sheets, the use of aluminum alloys instead of steel materials is one of the main means for national automakers to reduce the weight of automobiles. Today, Mingtai Aluminum will bring you to know the commonly used 5182 automotive aluminum panels.

5182 aluminium plate

5182 aluminum alloy is a non-heat-treated strengthening alloy, which has solid solution strengthening and grain refinement strengthening of magnesium atom. After standing at room temperature, the Rydes belt is likely to appear during stretching, which causes the surface to wrinkle after stamping and affects the appearance. Because it is a non-heat-treated alloy, the strength is poor, and softening occurs during baking. It is mostly used in automotive interior panels. Because of its good coating and corrosion resistance, the OEMs use the most.

5182 aluminium plate

The 5182 aluminum plate is usually used for the four-door and two-cover of the car, as well as the door and the front and rear covers of the car. Among them, the role of the car hood should not be underestimated. When the engine hood reduces engine noise, it can also isolate the heat generated by the engine during operation, effectively protect the paint surface on the hood surface, prevent aging, and protect the engine and peripheral pipeline accessories. Under the hood, it is an important part of the car, including the engine, circuit, brake system and transmission system, which is vital to the vehicle. By improving the strength and construction of the hood, it can fully prevent adverse factors such as impact, corrosion, rain and electrical interference, and fully protect the normal operation of the vehicle. The corrosion resistance of the 5182 aluminum plate determines the car’s hood “not it is not used.”

5182 aluminium plate

In the global scope, BBA is the mainstream luxury car brand. The application of aluminum alloy technology on the body is always at the forefront. The important parts of the hood, fender, door and back cover are made of aluminum alloy, and There is a gradual increase trend, and domestic automakers have begun to use aluminum alloy covers and aluminum alloy skins. Looking to the future, the future of automotive aluminum is immeasurable.
Mingtai Aluminum is a listed company specializing in aluminum processing. The company produces 5182 aluminum sheets with a width of 2650mm. It is widely used in the automotive field. If necessary, please contact us.

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