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3003 aluminum plate for automotive lightweight

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3003 aluminum plate for automotive lightweight

Aluminum alloys must exert their natural advantages in the process of lightweighting automobiles, mainly used to transform and replace body materials. Automobile lightweight can be roughly divided into three categories: body weight reduction, engine weight reduction, and chassis weight reduction. The purpose is to reduce the weight of the vehicle by using lighter materials under the premise of ensuring performance, thereby achieving the goal of energy saving and environmental protection. 3003 alloy has a prominent performance in the manufacture of automobile baffles and car floors.

3003 aluminum plate

3003 aluminum plate for car baffle:

The alloying element of 3003 aluminum plate is manganese, the strength is higher than 1100, it has excellent forming processing characteristics, high corrosion resistance, good weldability and electrical conductivity. It is often used as automobile baffle and automobile floor material in automobile manufacturing. The alloy is used in the energy saving and weight reduction of the automobile baffle in parallel, and has high corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. Since the vehicle body reduces its own weight without reducing the capacity, the center of gravity of the car body is reduced, and the car is more stable and comfortable to travel. The alloy baffle has good energy absorption and can absorb a large amount of impact force, thereby protecting passengers.

3003 aluminum plate

3003 aluminum panels for automotive flooring:

As a part of the car, the car floor is also valued by the car manufacturer. The use of the car floor should also be noted. Many car owners will put a layer of rubber carpet on the floor after buying the car. In fact, this is not a good one. It is customary that the cover of the rubber carpet will not release the water vapor under the floor quickly. Over time, the life of the car will be shortened. Therefore, the manufacture of the car floor is an important part. The 3003 aluminum plate plays an important role in the manufacture of the car floor. .
3003 aluminum plate is mainly used for high plasticity and good weldability, various liquid containers and other small load parts made with deep drawing, so 3003 aluminum plate is also a good choice for automotive floor.

3003 aluminum plate

Aluminum sheet suppliers introduce the advantages of aluminum alloys:

The biggest advantage of aluminum alloy is not how good the performance is, but it can be recycled and conformed to the trend of sustainable development. Aluminum products are hardly corroded or only slightly corroded during use. Among the conventional materials used in industry, the recovery rate of aluminum is the highest, in aluminum, aluminum products, use, recycling, and processing into aluminum. During the recycling process, the loss of aluminum is only about 5%, and its regeneration performance is higher than that of any kind of metal. Therefore, it is said that lightweight aluminum is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.

3003 aluminum plate

3003 aluminum plate manufacturer:

Mingtai Aluminum is an excellent manufacturer of Henan 3003 alloys. It is a professional supplier of aluminum products, providing customers with unique customized products and services to solve customers’ worries. As an excellent 3003 aluminum plate manufacturer, it has long-term production and sales of high-quality aluminum plate and foil. It has complete specifications and wide application. It can provide customized high-quality special raw materials according to customers’ needs, and is welcomed by customers.

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