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1060 aluminum plate is widely used

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1060 aluminum plate is widely used:

1060 aluminum plate is widely used in capacitor casing, billboard, building decoration, radiator, bus body, high-rise and factory wall decoration, kitchen sink, lamp holder, fan blade, electronic parts, chemical equipment, sheet processing parts, Deep drawing or spinning concave vessels, welded parts, heat exchangers, clock surfaces and discs, nameplates, kitchen utensils, decorations, reflective appliances, etc.

1060 aluminum plate

1060 aluminum plate is applied to the radiator:

Undoubtedly, the continuous increase of power consumption and heat generation of PC internal components makes how to cool the PC has become an urgent problem to be solved, and the radiator is born in this case. There are many types of radiators. The common ones are air-cooled radiators. The heat-dissipating fins are made of aluminum, copper, semi-copper, semi-aluminum and copper. Although silver is the most efficient conductor, it is used in PC. The heat sink field is too costly. All aluminum has the third highest thermal conductivity, and the price of the material is about half that of pure copper. Therefore, the 1060 aluminum plate is widely used in the field of heat dissipation.

1060 aluminum plate

1060 aluminum panels are used in landscape lights:

In communities, parks, plazas, neighborhoods, villas, campuses, etc., we often see cast aluminum landscape lights. The cast aluminum landscape lamp blooms like a flower at night. It is more than just a lighting tool, it is more like a beautiful and beautiful artwork. On the fascinating night, at the beginning of the Hua Deng, it is like a moon, like the orchids, like the Yushu, the brilliance, the beautiful decoration of the city, reflecting the city’s splendor and prosperity, the city will build a beautiful landscape.
Since aluminum is a light metal, the melting point is low, and pure aluminum is easily oxidized, but the formed alumina structure is very tight, and the chemical properties are stable, which can prevent the aluminum from continuing to oxidize. Therefore, the lamp body of the cast aluminum landscape lamp is made of aluminum, although The lamp body is more than 2.5 meters, but it is generally movable. The parts or the whole package can be handled for transportation. The aluminum landscape lights are exquisitely styled and versatile, and they are also free to match! Aluminum landscape lights are commonly used in 1060 aluminum panels.

1060 aluminum plate

1060 aluminum plate is used in the capacitor housing:

There are many electronic components used in electronic devices. Capacitors are the most common electronic components and are widely used in the interconnection, coupling, bypass, filtering, and the like in circuits. With the rapid development of electronic information technology, the speed of digital electronic products has become faster and faster. The continuous growth of sales of electronic products, such as flat-panel TVs, notebook computers and digital cameras, has driven the growth of the capacitor industry.
The 1060 aluminum plate has good elongation and tensile strength, and can fully meet the conventional processing requirements. It can be stamped, stretched, stamped and formed with high formability. It is the best choice for capacitor housings.

1060 aluminum plate

1060 aluminum plate advantages:

The 1060 aluminum strip has an aluminum content of 99.6% and is a commonly used series in the aluminum strip family. The advantages of this series of aluminum plates: the most commonly used series, the production process is relatively simple, the technology is relatively mature, and the price has great advantages over other high-grade alloy aluminum plates.

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