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Which 1050 aluminum plate supplier can produce 1050 aluminum plate with 2000 mm width?

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1050 aluminum plate supplier 1050 aluminium alloy

1050 aluminium alloy is pure aluminum alloy. The aluminum content must reach 99.5% or more as a qualified product. This is also the content specified in china aluminum alloy technical standard GB / t3880 2012. 1050 aluminium alloy can be divided into 1050 aluminum plate and 1050 aluminum foil. 1050 aluminum plate can be used for automobile aluminum plate and radiator aluminum plate. 1050 aluminum foil can be used as aluminum foil gasket.
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1050 aluminum plate supplier 1050 & 1060

1050 & 1060 are the same series of pure aluminum alloy, but each has its own characteristics.
The first is aluminum content. The aluminum content of 1050 aluminum plate reaches 99.5%. The aluminum content of 1060 aluminum sheet reaches 99.6%.
The second is characteristics. 1050 has good electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, and good plastic processing performance. In addition to the same industrial characteristics as 1050, 1060 also has good elongation and tensile strength, which can fully meet conventional processing requirements (stamping, stretching ). Also has high formability.
The third is the uses. 1050 aluminum is used in some occasions that require high corrosion resistance and formability, but it does not require high strength, and chemical equipment is its typical use. 1060 aluminum is widely used in products that do not require high strength.
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1050 aluminum plate supplier aluminium 1050 h14

Aluminium 1050 h14 is one of the tempers of 1050 aluminum plate supplier1050 aluminum plate. H stands for work hardening temper, suitable for products that increase strength through work hardening. The number 1 in aluminium 1050 h14 indicates simple work hardening, and the number 4 indicates the hardness. Mingtai 1050 aluminum plate supplier can produce aluminum 1050 with different tempers, including aluminum 1050 h14, f, o, h12, h14, h16, h18, h19, h22, h24, h26, h28, h111, h112, h114 and so on.
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1050 aluminum plate supplier which can produce 1050 aluminum plate with 2000 mm width

That is mingtai aluminum. Although the processing process is relatively simple, as a 1050 aluminum plate supplier, Mingtai Aluminum still strictly controls the product quality to ensure that the ingredients are correct. To ensure quality, aluminum plate specifications are complete. It is worth mentioning that mingtai aluminum can produce 1050 aluminum plate with 2000 mm width. In fact, our width production capacity can reach to 2600mm. Beyond most domestic aluminum plate manufacturers.
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Is 1050 aluminum plate supplier 2000 mm 1050 aluminum plate expensive?

1050 aluminum plate with 2000 mm width has been given alloy and width, respectively is 1050 aluminum plate, width is 2000mm. Factors that affect prices are:
1. Thickness. The influence of thickness is relatively large, and the price of small thickness is generally high.
2. The aluminum ingot market. The price of aluminum ingots fluctuates daily. The price of aluminum ingots rises, and the price of aluminum plates also rises, and vice versa.
3. Different companies have their own raw material sources. Mingtai aluminum’s aluminum ingot sources are well-known companies like Chinalco. To tell you a simple price calculation method, click on the online consultation directly on the right, and a professional customer service will calculate it for you.


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