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Mingtai 6082 mold aluminum

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Introduction to 6082 mold aluminum:

The aluminum sheets required for aluminum sheets for molds are generally high strength heat treatable alloys that require good mechanical properties, workability, and ease of processing. According to the use and characteristics of the mold, the aluminum plate also needs to have corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.


6082 mold aluminum status:

The 6-series aluminum plate is an extruded alloy to which Al-Mg-Si element is added. Currently, more than 70% of the aluminum extrusion processed materials in the world are produced using a 6-series alloy. 6082 aluminum sheet mainly has two states of O state and T state, and O state is annealed state. It is suitable for processed products which are completely annealed to obtain low strength; T state is heat treated state, different from other states, suitable for heat treatment, with or without Work hardening to achieve a stable product. The first digit after the T word indicates the basic type of heat treatment (from 1-10), and the digits thereafter indicate changes in the details of the heat treatment.
The O2 and T4 states of the 6082 aluminum plate are suitable for bending and forming. The T5 and T6 states are suitable for molds with good machinability. The 6082 aluminum sheet used for general molds is medium-thick aluminum plate. Some special machining requires the use of a chip separator. Or other special processes to help separate chips, widely used in mechanical parts, forgings, commercial vehicles, railway structural parts, shipbuilding, etc.


6082 mold aluminum performance:

6082 aluminum plate is better in corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Has good processing properties and excellent welding characteristics. Moreover, it has high electroplating property, corrosion resistance, high toughness and no deformation after processing, and the material is dense and has no defects. It can also be used in products with high requirements on the performance of finished products such as tank car bodies.


Mingtai 6082 mold aluminum manufacturers strength:

Mingtai Aluminum’s “high-precision transportation aluminum strip project” 1+1 hot rolling production line was officially put into operation in July 2015. The production line is a hot rolling production line with wide rolling width in Henan Province. The “1+1” main ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum and medium-thick plates will mainly meet the demand of the domestic aluminum alloy plate market for automotive molds, and realize the high-end leap from Ming Volkswagen from ordinary Volkswagen aluminum to automotive aluminum and track aluminum.

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