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China aluminum plate factory direct sale 5754 aluminum plate for tanker

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5754 aluminum plate for tanker separators:

Tank trucks are the means of transporting dangerous goods in China. The state requires very strict control over its use. The reflective signs on the outside are stipulated. When the tank truck is driving at high speed, if it is braked in an unexpected situation, the liquid in the tank will have a huge impact on the tank due to the inertia. so the diaphragm is installed in the middle tank to reduce the impact force. The state has mandatory regulations for partitions, which stipulates that there must be a partition for the tanker separator to be no more than 1.7 meters. Generally, in the production process, a partition is designed every 1.5 meters of the tanker, which made of 5754 aluminum plate.

5754 aluminum plate

Why is the 5754 aluminum partition used on the tanker?

Because the vehicle has a certain gap in the tank when it is running, the liquid fluctuates in the container before and after, left and right. If the capacity of the container is large, the kinetic energy of the fluctuation is great, and the change of the center of mass is great, especially the liquid tank. When the car is driving uphill, if the container is large and there is no partition, the liquid flows to the rear of the container, which will greatly reduce the axle load of the traction drive axle, reduce the passage of the car, and make the traction of the towing car not fully utilized. Besides,it cause drastic changes in the axle load of the vehicle, seriously affecting the stability of the car. When driving downhill, the liquid flows to the front of the container, which also causes the axle load of the towed car to change.

5754 aluminum plate

5754 aluminum plate for tanker separator:

The 5754 aluminum plate is characterized by moderate strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and ease of forming. It is a typical alloy in Al-Mg alloys. In foreign countries, 5754 aluminum alloy plates of different heat treatment conditions are the main materials used in the automobile manufacturing industry (car doors, molds, seals) and canning industry.

5754 aluminum plate

Mingtai 5754 aluminum plate manufacturer for tanker separator

Mingtai Aluminum is China’s top ten aluminum plate manufacturer, can undertake 8-5000 tons of 5754 tanker aluminum plate orders, customized on demand, 7-35 days delivery, product quality is stable, global exports, affordable, can be assured of purchase!
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