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Automotive aluminum 5052 aluminum plate

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Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high quality 5052 aluminum plate. With more than 20 years of experience, our main products include: various alloy aluminum plates, strips, aluminum foil, patterned aluminum plates, ultra-wide aluminum plates, Mingtai The aluminum industry can produce 2600mm 5052 ultra-wide aluminum sheets. 5052 aluminum plate is Automotive aluminum , It is widely used in automobiles, ships, flange materials, GIS shells, yachts, underwear molds/shoe molds, gas storage cylinders, precision machinery and many other aspects. Henan Mingtai Aluminum products can be exported globally and the production quality is guaranteed.


1、Mingtai Aluminum 2600mm5052 ultra-wide aluminum plate manufacturers global exports

The common alloy state of 5052 ultra-wide aluminum plate is 5052h32, 5052h34. The alloy composition of ‍5052 aluminum plate in different crossfire conditions is the same. The difference between H32 and H34 is due to the heat treatment process and stops at the mechanical properties.
The first digit after the HXX state H indicates the basic processing procedure for obtaining this state, as follows: H1—the simple processing hardening state. It is suitable for the state where the required strength is obtained only by work hardening without additional heat treatment.
H2—The state of work hardening and incomplete annealing. It is suitable for products with the degree of work hardening exceeding the specified requirements of the finished product and the strength is reduced to the specified index after incomplete annealing. For alloys that naturally soften at room temperature, H2 has the same small ultimate tensile strength value as the corresponding H3; for other alloys, H2 has the same small ultimate tensile strength value as the corresponding H1, but the elongation is slightly higher than H1 .
H3—The state of work hardening and stabilization treatment. It is suitable for products which are heat treated after work hardening or whose mechanical properties are stabilized due to heat during processing. The H3 state is only suitable for alloys that gradually age soften at room temperature (unless stabilized).
H4—The state of work hardening and painting treatment. Applicable to work hardening, after painting, resulting in incompletely annealed products.
The second digit after H indicates the degree of work hardening of the product. The number 8 indicates a hard state. The small tensile strength of HX8 is usually specified by the sum of the small tensile strength of the O state and the difference in strength specified in Table 2. For the state between the O (anneal) and HX8 states, a number from 1 to 7 should be added after the HX code to indicate that adding a number 9 after HX indicates a harder state than the HX8 work hardening, various HXX subdivision status code and corresponding degree of work hardening.


2、which aluminum plate manufacturer’s 5052 aluminum plate is cheaper and better to use?

There are many domestic aluminum plate manufacturers, we have to choose from the aluminum manufacturers reputation, strength, service and other aspects. After comprehensive factors such as customer response and on-site examples, it was found that Henan Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Sheet Factory is better and more worthy of users’ favor.
1. Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Sheet Factory has strong strength: the factory covers an area of more than 1.2 million, and has more than 5,000 online employees. It has large-scale and professional green R&D and production plants with strong comprehensive strength;
2, Henan Mingtai aluminum industry aluminum plate manufacturers good reputation: Anyone who buys 5052 aluminum sheet, 90% of the users have expressed a high satisfaction with the aluminum plate of Mingtai aluminum plate manufacturers, have been amazed, so aluminum plate manufacturers in the market Good reputation;
3, Mingtai aluminum industry aluminum plate manufacturers service excellence: In order to better meet the needs of users, aluminum plate manufacturers have established a comprehensive after-sales system, difficult problem answers, to provide customers with one-stop logistics.


3、Henan Mingtai Aluminum 5052 aluminum plate quality and cheap

1, the price is affordable: Mingtai aluminum plate manufacturers’ 5052 aluminum plate is affordable, the purchase is more cost-effective;
2, high quality: the 5052 aluminum plate produced is smooth and clean, with good molding processing performance and corrosion resistance;
3, Mingtai aluminum aluminum plate rarely produces 5052 ultra-wide aluminum plate manufacturers, the production of 5052 aluminum plate width reaches 2600mm
In short, which aluminum plate manufacturer’s 5052 aluminum plate is of high quality and low price? Of course, it is the Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd., the strength of the aluminum plate manufacturer is strong, the quality of the aluminum plate produced for you is guaranteed, and it provides customers with higher economic benefits. Welcome everyone to buy it at any time.

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