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Aluminum-magnesium alloy

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Introduction to aluminum-magnesium alloy:

The main element of Aluminum-magnesium alloy is aluminum, which is then blended with a small amount of magnesium or other metal materials to enhance its hardness. The aluminum alloy with Mg as the main additive element is also called rust-proof aluminum alloy because of its good corrosion resistance. Because it is a metal itself, its thermal conductivity and strength are particularly outstanding. The aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate is light in weight, low in density, good in heat dissipation and strong in pressure resistance, and can fully meet the requirements of 3C products for high integration, lightness, miniaturization, anti-collision, electromagnetic shielding and heat dissipation. Its hardness is several times that of a conventional plastic case, but it weighs only one-third of the latter.

Aluminum-magnesium alloy details:

Aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate can also be called 5××× series alloy aluminum plate, which represents 5052 aluminum plate, 5005 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, 5A02l aluminum plate, 5A05 aluminum plate and the like. The aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate alloy element is mainly magnesium, and the magnesium content is between 3-5%. The main features are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. The weight of the aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than that of the other series under the same area. Therefore, it is often used in aviation, such as aircraft fuel tanks. It is also widely used in conventional industries. The processing technology is continuous casting and rolling, which belongs to the hot-rolled aluminum plate series and can be used for oxidation deep processing. In China, 5××× series aluminum plates belong to one of the more mature aluminum plate series.

Aluminum-magnesium alloy plate material details:

1, 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate: 5052 aluminum plate belongs to aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate, which has a wide range of applications, especially the alloy aluminum plate which is inseparable from the construction industry, and is also the most promising aluminum alloy plate. The main alloying element of the 5052 aluminum strip is magnesium, which has good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability and medium strength.
5052 aluminum plates are commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft and automotive fuel tanks, oil pipes, and transportation vehicles, ship sheet metal parts, instruments, street lamp brackets and rivets, hardware products, electrical enclosures and so on.
2, 5005 aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate: 5005 aluminum plate with strength and 3003 equivalent, weldability, good workability 5005 aluminum plate and 3003 alloy similar, with medium strength and good corrosion resistance. The anodized film is brighter than the oxide film on the 3003 alloy and is consistent with the hue of the 6063 alloy.
5005 aluminum plates are often used as conductors, cookware, instrument panels, shells and architectural decorative parts, interior and exterior materials for building materials, and interior materials for vehicles.
3, 5754 aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate: 5754 aluminum plate alloy has medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and easy processing and forming, and is a typical alloy in Al-Mg alloy. In foreign countries, 5754 aluminum alloy sheets of different heat treatment conditions are the main materials used in the automobile manufacturing industry (car doors, molds, seals) and canning industry.
5754 aluminum sheet is widely used in welded structures, storage tanks, pressure vessels, ship structures and offshore installations, transport tanks and for applications requiring excellent processability, excellent corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, high weldability and moderate static strength. occasion.
4, 5083 aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate: 5083 aluminum plate has the highest strength, corrosion resistance and good weldability in non-heat treated alloy. For applications requiring high corrosion resistance, good weldability and moderate strength, the hardness is significantly higher than the 5052 series, which is one of the representative products of the ultra-hard aluminum plate in the 5000 series.
5083 aluminum plates are commonly used in ships, ships, vehicle materials, automotive and aircraft welded parts, pressure vessels requiring strict fire protection, refrigeration equipment, television towers, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile components, armor, etc.


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