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8006 aluminum foil

Loading Port: Tianjin/Qingdao, China
Sample: A4 Sized
Payment Terms: L/C,D/P,T/T
Delivery time: Within 15-30 Days
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Introduction to 8006 aluminum foil:

8006 aluminum foil is a special container foil product. Mingtai Aluminum 8006 container foil adopts hot rolling method. The tensile strength is between 123-135. The 8006 container foil product reaches the brushing water grade A. The plate shape is flat and the surface is clean and free of oil. Mingtai Aluminum 8006 aluminum foil is suitable for aerospace wrinkle-free lunch boxes. After stamping, the edges are free of wrinkles and the appearance is smooth and smooth.

8006 aluminum foil

Mingtai Supply 8006 aluminum foil:

8006 aluminum foil is a non-heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloy, Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale 8006 container foil raw material manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum can produce 0.016-0.2mm single zero 8006 container foil, Henan Mingtai is China’s top ten aluminum foil manufacturer It is also the only manufacturer in China that can produce 8006 aluminum foil. It can undertake orders of 3-2000 tons of 8006 container foil raw materials, 7-35 days delivery, stable product quality, global export, affordable price, and can be purchased with confidence!

8006 aluminum foil

8006 aluminum foil use:

Today, as the pace of life is accelerating, cooking for yourself is a luxury for many people, so more and more people choose a takeaway lifestyle. However, take-away foods are usually packaged in plastics, and health problems are frequently exploding, and the resulting environmental problems cannot be ignored. In such a large environment, aluminum foil lunch boxes have become more and more people’s choices due to their environmental sanitation characteristics. 8006 aluminum foil is produced by hot rolling process. After punching, the edges are not wrinkled and the appearance is beautiful. It is widely used in airplane lunch boxes in European countries.

8006 aluminum foil

The difference between 8006 lunch box aluminum foil and 3003 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil:

8006 lunch box aluminum foil has high strength and is hot rolled. 3003 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil have low strength and are cast.

The elongation and cup convex value of 8006 aluminum foil are higher than 8011, 3003 lunch box aluminum foil. The tensile strength of the 8006 container foil is 10 MPa higher than that of the 8011 aluminum foil, which is slightly lower than that of the 3003 aluminum foil.
By comparison, it is not difficult to find that the 8006 aluminum foil has a higher tensile strength than the 8011 aluminum foil, which can reach 125-135, while the 8006 container foil has a much higher convexity and elongation than the 8011 aluminum foil.

8006 aluminum foil

8006 aluminum foil parameters:

Typical alloy 8006 aluminum foil
Material status O,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24
Thickness (mm) 0.012-0.3
Width (mm) 100-1500
Length (mm) C
Typical product Lunch box, food foil, etc.


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