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6063 Vs 6061 Aluminium / Alloy 6063-t5 and 6061-t6

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Difference between 6063 vs 6061 Aluminium for Construction

6063 aluminum plate is a raw material for aluminum alloy doors and windows in the construction hardware industry, which has become an indisputable fact, and mainly because of the low cost of 6063 aluminum plate, which is conducive to the compression of the insulation strip of broken bridge profile. The supply temper of 6063 aluminum plate is generally T5, and the alloy 6063-t5 products b≥160MPa, alloy 6063-t6 products b≥205MPa. In practice, manufacturers produce alloy 6063-t5 with strength of 180MP ~ 200MPa (Mg2Si content is about 0.8%), which has been proved by many studies to be able to meet the design requirements of doors and windows. However, the problem that aluminium alloy window sash often happens to fall off on actual project however, is this why? Therefore, the selection of 6063 vs 6061 aluminium for aluminum doors and windows hinges became the key factor to solve. Aluminum alloy doors and windows hinge belongs to the structural parts, all aluminum alloy doors and windows base material gravity and strength is guaranteed by it completely, its material selection is very important. So, when choosing, its strength should be bigger than 6063 aluminium alloy door and window base material, and cannot use the material with strength to be equivalent. Through the research and comparison of 6063 t5 vs 6061 aluminum alloy, alloy 6061-t6 is more suitable for the production of hinges. Next, let’s take a look at 6063 vs 6061 aluminium, who is more suitable for the key advantages of aluminum door and window hinges.

6063 vs 6061 aluminium

Aluminium Alloy 6063 t5 for Extrusions Alloy 6061 t6 Sheets and Plates

1.6063 vs 6061 aluminium mechanical properties. Alloy 6063-t5 at 25 ℃, tensile strength is 185Mpa, yield strength is 145Mpa, hardness (1500kg / 10mm²) is 60, elongation {16mm (1 / 16in) thickness} is 12, maximum shear stress is 115Mpa, electrical conductivity 20℃ is 55-63 (% IACS). Alloy 6061-t6 at 25 ℃, tensile strength is 310Mpa, yield strength is 276Mpa, hardness (1500kg / 10mm²) is 95, elongation {16mm (1 / 16in) thickness} is 12, maximum shear stress is 206Mpa, electrical conductivity 40-50 (% IACS) at 20 ℃.

2.6063 vs 6061 aluminium properties comparison. In practical applications, the hardness of alloy 6061-t6 is 95HB, and its processing performance is very good, no sticking knife phenomenon, good oxidation effect, no trachoma pores, good flatness, and good surface finish. The hardness of Alloy 6063-t5 is HB, compared with 6063 t5 vs 6061 aluminum alloy, its processability is worse than alloy 6061-t6, and the phenomenon of sticking knife often occurs, alloy 6063-t5 is more viscous.

3.6063 vs 6061 aluminium respective applications. According to theoretical analysis and practical applications, the superiority of alloy 6061-t6 has been proven. 6061 aluminum sheet is widely used in various industrial structural parts that require certain strength and high corrosion resistance, such as aluminum alloy door and window hinges, manufacturing trucks, and towers. Buildings, ships, trams, railway vehicles. For 6063 aluminum plate, it is suitable for the manufacture of building profiles, irrigation, pipes, vehicles, benches, furniture, elevators, fences, etc.

6063 vs 6061 aluminium

Mingtai 6063 vs 6061 Aluminium

The advantages of 6063 vs 6061 aluminium in different fields have their own characteristics. We must choose the appropriate materials in a professional manner. Mingtai may give you a professional reference. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1997. With more than 20 years of production experience, Mingtai 6063 vs 6061 aluminium and other products have successively obtained ISO 9 0 1, ISO 1 4 0 0, SGS, DNVGL, CCS, ABS certificates. And exports to more than 100 countries and regions on 7 continents. As China’s first batch of aluminum plate and foil companies to enter the international market, Mingtai has deeply cultivated the international market for 13 years and looks forward to cooperating with you!

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