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6005A Aluminum Alloy

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6005A Aluminum Alloy:

6005A aluminum is more heavily alloyed than 6005 aluminium. But in material properties, 6005A and 6005 aluminum have close similarities. Of course, they are not exactly the same. As you know, 6005A aluminum alloy is a typical Al-Mg-Si alloy, also belongs 6000 or 6 series heat treatment alloy. So 6005A aluminum cannot be work-hardened but is commonly heat-treated to obtain the required tempering, higher strength, weldability, formability, etc. Now, such as 6005A-t6 aluminium alloy is widely used for high-speed train/ subways and other rail transit vehicles, as well as building curtain walls, pull gates, mechanical parts, etc.
6005 aluminum

6005A Aluminum Properties:

Physical Properties

Alloy Content. In fact, we can easily distinguish 6005A aluminum from 6005 aluminum, according to the content of Mn and Cr. (6005 aluminum contains max 0.1% Mn, and max 0.1% Cr)

Surface Treatment Effect. Anodized or painted 6005A aluminum alloy has excellent finishing appearance and corrosion resistance

Weldability. 6005A aluminum alloy plate can be welded or brazed using various commercial methods.

Contrast Characteristics. Alloy 6005A aluminum has improved toughness compared to 6005 and 6105. Besides, Its extrudability is better than 6061 alloy, due to the difference in alloy composition.
6005 aluminum

Mechanical Properties

Alloy Density Electrical Young’s modulus Ultimate Yield strength Thermal Thermal
Conductivity  tensile strength Conductivity Expansion
6005A 2.71 g/cm3 47 to 50% 70 GPa 190 to 300 MPa  100 to 260 MPa 180 to 190 23.3
( 169 lb/ft3)0 ) IACS ( 10 Msi ) ( 8 to 44 ksi )  ( 5 to 38 ksi ) W/m-K.  μm/m-K.

Specifically, 6005A-T6 aluminum has mechanical property levels similar to 6061-T6, 6005-T5, as well as 6105-T5. and The tempering state of 6005A aluminum is chosen according to the application. We can also provide corresponding specific properties data.
6005 aluminum

Application of 6005A Aluminum Alloy:

In general, 6005A aluminum alloy is a perfect material that can be used for the commercial transportation, automotive, industrial, electrical, machinery and equipment industries, various structural and architectural applications.

Typical Application of Aluminum 6005A Alloy

• The material of head and body for high-speed train/ subways and other rail transit vehicle
• Building curtain wall
• Platforms, ladders, pull gate, structures
• Mechanical parts, weldments
• Marine applications
6005 aluminum

Technical Parameters of 6005A Aluminum Alloy:

Elements Si Mg Mn Fe Cu Zn Cr Ti Others Al
Content 0.5-0.9 0.4-0.7 0.5 0.35 0.3 ≤0.2 0.3 0.1 ≤0.15 99.50
Typical alloy 6005A Aluminum Alloy
Material temper F、O、T4、T6、T651、H112, etc
Thickness (mm) 0.5-500
Width (mm) 100-2650
Length (mm) Customize
Typical product Structural & architectural applications, Material of rail transit vehicle, Building curtain wall, Weldments, etc


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