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5005 Aluminum Sheet Supplier

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5005 Aluminum Sheet Supplier

Mingtai Aluminum is a 5005 aluminum sheet supplier with high credit in China. And we have fast delivery, superior quality, superior performance and preferential price! In fact, 5005 aluminum has moderate strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability, workability, anodized surface treatment effect, etc. It is obvious that the anodized film of 5005 aluminum sheet is brighter than that of 3003 alloy, and the tone is consistent with that of 6063 alloy. Therefore, 5005 sheet coil is a very cost-effective product of 5005 aluminum sheet supplier.
5005 aluminum sheet supplier

Specific 5005 Aluminium Sheet Properties and Application

1.5005 aluminum sheet supplier specifically introduced that 5005 aluminum sheet has the characteristics of low density, high tensile strength, and high elongation. In addition, 5005 aluminum plate does not need heat treatment to strengthen, only cold working can improve the strength.

2. Here, Mingtai 5005 aluminum sheet supplier adopts continuous casting and rolling processing technology. Therefore, the Mingtai 5005 aluminum plate has good forming processing performance, corrosion resistance, weldability and deep processing performance, and has good application performance.

5005 aluminum sheet supplier

3.5005 aluminum plate is widely used in high-end curtain wall panel, building decoration, refrigerator liner, automobile air duct, oil pipe, agricultural irrigation pipe, conductor, cooker, instrument panel, shell, etc.

Why Choose Mingtai 5005 Aluminum Sheet Supplier?

Here, Mingtai Al is not only a large 5005 aluminum sheet supplier, but also a very professional manufacturer. So our 5005 aluminum alloys are available in various types, temper, as well as customizable specs, etc. For example, the common temper covers O, H12, H1*, H22, H2*, H32, H3*, H111, H11*, H321, etc. What’s more, our alloy plates can up to 2650mm width !

5005 aluminum sheet supplier

1. Professional
Most proudly, Mingtai 5005 aluminum sheet supplier has a responsive pre-sales consulting team. Just click on the right side of the online customer service, or send email and message, our professional business staff will quickly offer you the most satisfactory quotation!

2. Power
Mingtai aluminum sheet supplier has three production bases with a total area of 1.3 million square meters. And It also has an annual production capacity of 750,000 tons. The delivery time is 10-35 days, which can well meet your production needs ! Welcome to Mingtai Aluminum !

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