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3004 Aluminum Sheet for Shutter

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Sample: A4 Sized
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Delivery time: Within 15-30 Days
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3004 Aluminum Sheet for Shutter

3004 aluminum sheet for shutter also has excellent corrosion resistance, certain strength, processability, formability, toughness and other advantages. Therefore, it is very popular decoration material. In fact, aluminum shutters are widely used in office, industrial places, public buildings, schools, supermarket, hospitals, etc. Of course, It is easy to install, economical, durable, low maintenance cost.

3004 aluminum sheet for shutter

Advantages of 3004 Aluminum Sheet for Shutter

1.Higher strength. In fact, 3004 aluminum is a typical Al-Mn alloy. Therefore, the addition of Mn alloy component increases the strength of 3004 aluminium sheet for shutter slightly. And its strength is higher than 3003 aluminum sheet. Besides, it’s also 10% higher than 1100 series.

2.Surface treatment effect. In addition, the effect of anodizing 3004 aluminum sheet is amazing. And the corrosion resistance of 3004 aluminium sheet also is well improved. Besides, color coating or other surface treatment is beautiful.

3.Good processability. As we all know, 3004 aluminium sheet for shutter also has certain strength. Meanwhile, it also has good workability, bending, welding effect, toughness, durability, etc.

3004 aluminum sheet for shutter

Specification of 3004 Aluminum Sheet for Shutter

Elements Mn Mg Fe Si Cu Zn Others Al
Content 1.0~1.5 0.8~1.3 0.7  0.3 0.25 0.25 0.05 Remain
Typical alloy 3004 Aluminum Alloy
Material temper such as F, O, H12, H1*, H22, H2*, H112, H114 ,etc.
Thickness 0.1-500mm
Width 100-2650mm
Length Customize
Transport packaging film, kraft paper, wooden case or according to purchaser’s demands
Delivery time  About 25 days

Manufacturer of 3004 Aluminum Sheet for Shutter

Up to now, Mingtai have more than 24 years production experiences of aluminum alloy products. And our products cover aluminum sheet/ plate/ coil/ tread plate/ foil. Besides, There is also the complete alloy grades including 1-8 series. So let global purchaser rest assured to choose ! What’s more, there are factory direct prices, thus saving more cost for customers ! So here, if you are interested in our products, then contact us now ! We are looking for your inquiry ! Come on !

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