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1060 aluminum sheet in aluminum gasket application

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Mingtai Aluminum is a manufacturer of 1060 aluminum plates. The 1060 aluminum plate is mainly hot rolled, and the 1060 aluminum plate is used for high-end products. Today, we mainly talk about 1060 aluminum plates in aluminum gaskets/aluminum composite panels/new energy battery soft connections. Applications.

1060 aluminum sheet

1060 aluminum sheet in aluminum gasket application:

The aluminum alloy commonly used for aluminum gaskets is 1100 aluminum plate and 1060 aluminum sheet, the state is H18, the common thickness is 0.125-0.24mm, the width is 1244/1245mm, the length is 940/1041/1092mm, and the products are widely used in communication, aviation, Automobile, electric power, medical, electromechanical, computer and other fields.
Advantages of aluminum gaskets used in aluminum-based copper clad laminates: 1060 aluminum panels effectively prevent the indentation and scratches on the surface of the copper clad laminate during processing. It can provide positioning and guiding function during the downward process of the drill bit, and improve the positioning accuracy of the drilling. The 1060 aluminum coil has excellent heat conduction function, which can quickly dissipate the heat generated by the friction when the drill bit is drilled at high speed, effectively prevent the drill from overheating, thereby improving the life of the drill bit and better the condition of the hole wall, which can effectively prevent high-speed drilling. The surface of the film copper foil sheet is burred.

1060 aluminum sheet

1060 aluminum sheet in aluminum composite panel application:

The aluminum alloy commonly used for aluminum-plastic composite panels is also 1100 aluminum plate and 1060 aluminum plate. Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. mainly produces 1060 aluminum plate, and temporarily does not make composite aluminum-plastic plate. Mingtai can produce 1060h18/16 alloy used in aluminum-plastic plate, thickness. It is 0.016-0.1mm, the width can reach 1240mm, the production type is strict, the black spot is not bright on the plate, the version is flat without pinhole, and the package is moisture-proof to avoid oxidation.
Advantages of 1060 aluminum plate for aluminum-plastic plate: 1060 hot-rolled aluminum plate has certain corrosion resistance and resistance to stress corrosion cracking. It has high weldability and can be used for gas welding, arc welding, spot welding and wire bonding, as well as brazability. The aluminum-plastic panel produced with it has high strength and easy maintenance; good plasticity, impact resistance, lightening of building load and good shock resistance; excellent processability, heat insulation, sound insulation and excellent fire resistance; Good, light and hard

1060 aluminum sheet

1060 aluminum sheet coil battery soft connection application:

In the process of using new energy vehicles, a large number of battery strings are required and connected in parallel to ensure energy supply. The 1060 aluminum coil is mainly used in the soft connection of the power battery.
Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. can produce 1060 power battery soft-connected aluminum coils. According to the feedback from the sample users, the power battery produced by our company’s 1060-O aluminum coil can be soft-connected, and the single-piece aluminum foil can be completely cut at one time. Good fusion during welding, no burr, smooth surface, no oxidation, no delamination, firm welding, good electrical conductivity and fast heat dissipation. At present, the power battery soft connection of our company is 1060-O state, and the narrowest width can reach 15mm.

1060 aluminum sheet

Mingtai Aluminum 1060 aluminum plate manufacturer:

Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D and production of hot-rolled 1060 aluminum sheets. The 1060 aluminum sheets have high elongation, tensile strength, excellent electrical conductivity and high formability, and can fully meet the requirements of conventional processing (stamping, drawing). Mingtai Aluminum’s ultra-wide and ultra-thick 1060 aluminum plate, the internal stress is eliminated, the cutting is not deformed, the widest is 2650mm, and the thickest is 500mm.

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