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Tape aluminium foil – Raw material of aluminum foil tape

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1235 aluminum foil for tape aluminium foil:

1235 aluminum foil belongs to the pure aluminum series, is currently widely used tape aluminium foil, with good anti-rust characteristics, formability, solubility, good product plate shape, cutting deformation, and adhesive is not easy to fall off, good printing effect, becoming the preferred material for many aluminum foil tape manufacturers.

Tape aluminium foil

Mingtai 1235 tape aluminium foil Custom production:

The finished aluminum foil tape is made of 1235 tape aluminium foil as a raw material, and is processed after subsequent compounding, printing, and gluing processes. Therefore, it has good thermal insulation, strong adhesion, and anti-aging characteristics, widely used in refrigerators and air-conditioning, automotive, petrochemical, bridge, hotel, electronics and other industries. Here,I would like to remind everyone that Mingtai aluminum provides raw materials for aluminum foil tape without post-processing.The specific specifications of adhesive Foil are as follows:
Typical alloy: 1235 aluminum foil
Material status: O, H18
Thickness range: 0.018-0.2mm
Width range: 100-1600mm

Tape aluminium foil

Mingtai supply high quality 1235 tape aluminium foil:

Customer satisfaction is the greatest affirmation of the enterprise. In order to ensure the high quality of 1235 aluminum foil tape raw materials, Mingtai Aluminum introduced advanced foil rolling machines,
strictly control the raw material of aluminum ingot from the source, adopted reasonable technology, and inspected layer by layer during the production process. Therefore, the 1235 tape aluminium foil has a good shape, does not deform when cut, and is not easy to fall off.

Tape aluminium foil

Advantages of tape aluminium foil:

The purity of tape foil is higher than 99.95%. Its function is to eliminate electromagnetic (EMI) interference, isolate the harm of electromagnetic wave to human body, and avoid the influence of voltage and current. Besides, it also has a good effect on static discharge after grounding. It is not easy to crack and damage after repeated use or bending for many times. In addition to, Strong adhesive force, good electrical conductivity, easy to wrap and fit on the wire, according to customer requirements can be cut into a variety of specifications.

Tape aluminium foil

1235 tape aluminium foil market price:

The price is a problem that customers are more concerned about. The direct influence factors of tape aluminium foil prices are raw material prices and processing fees, and the indirect influence factors include the strength of manufacturers, technology levels, sales models and geographical factors. specification.

1235 tape foil is the base material of aluminum foil tape. Because each customer needs different specifications and quantity and the manufacturers have different production difficulties, so the quotations are different. However, the specific price can be consulted online at any time! After understanding the specific needs, the customer service can quickly arranges professional business one-to-one communication to provide the best product solutions and quotes for you!

Tape aluminium foil

Mingtai tape aluminium foil manufacturer:

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd is a professional tape aluminium foil raw material manufacturer, customized production and guaranteed delivery. Here, For every customers in need, can visit the site to get a closer look at the strength and production status of the manufacturer!

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