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Aluminium Foil Alloy 1235

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Introduction to Aluminium Foil Alloy 1235

Aluminium foil alloy 1235 is an alloy foil with an aluminum content of not less than 99.35%, so it has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, process ductility, electrical and thermal conductivity of aluminum. Besides, aluminium foil alloy 1235 like other aluminum foil products, has the characteristics of non-toxic and odorless, moisture-proof, light-shielding, high air-tightness, and fragrance retention,and it is easy to process beautiful patterns of various colors. In addition, the market price of 1235 aluminum foil is relatively cheap. In general, the aluminium foil alloy 1235 is cost-effective, and it has become a popular trend for household aluminium foil or conventional industrial batch use. For example, 1060 and 1235 aluminum are common lithium battery foils in our lives. Aluminium foil alloy 1235 can be tape foil like 8011 aluminum foil. Not only that, aluminium foil alloy 1235 is also a good food flexible packaging foil material.

Aluminium Foil Alloy 1235

Features of Aluminium Foil Alloy 1235

1. Barrier property. Aluminium foil alloy 1235 has strong barrier properties, oxidation resistance, water resistance, and moisture resistance.

2. Security. aluminium foil alloy 1235 is non-toxic and tasteless, has stable chemical properties and high safety. It has great advantages for packaging food.

3. Weatherability. Aluminium foil alloy has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and oil resistance.

4.Resistance. Aluminium foil alloy 1235 has a compact internal structure, which has the advantages of compression resistance, puncture resistance, tear resistance, etc., and also has good flexibility.

Aluminium Foil Alloy 1235

Usage of Aluminium Foil Alloy 1235

Flexible food packaging

Our common aluminum foil sealed bags for meat and food products are made of aluminium foil alloy 1235. For example, aluminum foil packaging bags for duck claws, aluminum foil packaging bags for pickles, etc. In addition, as a household aluminium foil for food film service, aluminium foil alloy 1235 as a folio to cover disposable food package is also great!

Aluminum foil tape

The aluminum foil tape made from the basic material aluminium foil alloy 1235 through the subsequent compounding, printing, and gluing processes can be used to fix the evaporation tubes of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners and freezers. The processed aluminium foil alloy 1235 has good thermal insulation, strong adhesion, and anti-aging characteristics. At present, there are many aluminum foil tapes using aluminum 1235-O foil on the market.

Cable foil

Aluminium foil alloy 1235 has good mechanical properties for cable foil. The 1235 aluminum foil surface with less oil and no holes, coupled with its strong sealing and shielding properties, give full play to the role of cable foil.

Other uses

According to other characteristics of aluminium foil alloy 1235, there are many uses. Click the online customer service dialog on the right to get it for free.

Aluminium Foil Alloy 1235

Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Foil Alloy 1235

Tensile strength

σb (MPa)


δ10 (%)

Yield strength

σ0.2 (MPa)

Electrical conductivity


63 2.6 ≥35 62

Technical Parameters of Aluminium Foil Alloy 1235 

Typical alloy 1235 aluminum foil
Material temper O, H18
Thickness (mm) 0.018-0.2
Width (mm) 100-1600
Length (mm) Customize
Typical product Food soft packaging, Aluminum foil tape, Cable foil, etc


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