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8011 h14 Aluminum Closure Sheet for Bottle Cap: 8011 h14 aluminum closure sheet is the typical raw material of bottle cap, such as ROPP, alcohol/ wine screw caps, beverages Omnia jar caps, pull-off caps, oral liquid, injection vial seals, etc. The common thickness includes 0.16-0.25 mm. As for h14 of 8011 aluminium closure sheet foil, […]

Food foil (4)

Among the commonly used 1/3/8 series aluminum foils, 8 series aluminum foil is commonly used in food, pharmaceutical packaging and electronic appliances. Among them, 8011 aluminum foil and 8021 aluminum foil are widely used. Although 8011 aluminum foil has a stable production base in China, the production standard for the use of pharmaceutical foil is […]

8011 aluminum foil (1)

Introduction to 8011 Aluminum Foil: 8011 is a series of aluminum alloys, belonging to the 8××× series alloys, which are added with Al-Fe-Si elements. The alloy properties of more than 1% of the total alloying elements have corresponding advantages. 8011 is commonly used to make aluminum foil, its performance is better than pure aluminum foil, […]


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