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Overview of Aluminum 2000 Series Alloy

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Aluminum 2000 Series

Aluminum 2000 series is aluminum alloy with copper as the main alloy element. Aluminum 2000 series composition includes Al-Cu-Mg, Al-Cu-Mg-Fe-Ni and Al-Cu-Mn alloy, etc. These alloys are all aluminum alloys that can be strengthened by heat treatment. Aluminum 2000 series properies is high strength, usually called durum aluminum alloy, has excellent mechanical properties and cutting, its heat resistance and processing performance is good, but corrosion resistance is not as good as most other aluminum alloy, under certain conditions will produce intercrystalline corrosion. Aluminum 2000 series is often used for aviation parts, transportation equipment, equipment parts and other structural materials. 2000 series aluminum alloys manufactured by Mingtai mainly include 2024 aluminum plate, 2A12 aluminum sheet, 2017 aluminum plate, 2A11 aluminum sheet, 2014 aluminum sheet and 2A14 aluminum sheet.

Mingtai aluminum plate

Application of Aluminum 2000 Series

2017 aluminum plate: It is an aluminum 2000 series alloy that has been used in industrial applications earlier, is mainly used for rivets, general mechanical parts, transportation structural parts, aircraft propellers and other structural parts.

2024 aluminum plate: as one of the advantages of Mingtai aluminum 2000 series, 2024 aluminum plate is widely used in mold, parts, aircraft structure, truck hub and other fields.

2A12 aluminum alloy: aluminum 2000 series is used in aircraft skin, spacer, wing rib, wing girder, rivet, structural parts of construction and transportation tools.

2A11 aluminum plate: medium-strength structural parts for aircraft, medium-strength bolts and rivets for aircraft.

2014 aluminum alloy: for applications requiring high strength and hardness (including high temperature). Aircraft heavy duty, forgings, plates and extruded materials, wheels and structural components, advanced stage rocket fuel tanks and spacecraft parts, truck frame and suspension parts.

Mingtai aluminum plate

Advantages of Mingtai Aluminum 2000 Series


Mingtai has more than 20 years of aluminum plate processing experience, independent research and development of “1 + 4” hot rolling mill production line and “1 + 1” hot rolling production line and put into use. There are inventory, can quickly meet the needs of 2000 series aluminum alloys.


Surface of Mingtai aluminum 2000 series have no oil spots, no waves, no scratches, no roller prints, trim, no burr, quality assurance.


Mingtai Aluminum has the support of four service teams, covering research and development, production, pre-sales and after-sales comprehensive services, to provide consumers with a 360-degree one-stop shopping experience.


Aluminum 2000 series plate produced by mingtai, direct sales from manufacturers, no middleman to make the difference, clear price details make you feel assured to buy.

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