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Buyer’s Guide: 2a11 Aluminum Plate for Sale

Loading Port: Tianjin/Qingdao, China
Sample: A4 Sized
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Delivery time: Within 15-30 Days
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2a11 Aluminum Plate Properties

2a11 aluminum plate belongs to Al-Cu-Mg aluminum alloy. The composition of 2a11 material is reasonable and the comprehensive performance is good. This alloy is produced in many countries and is the largest used in hard aluminum. 2a11 aluminum plate properties include high strength and heat resistance and can be used as working parts below 150 °C. When the temperature is higher than 125°C, the strength of the 2a11 aluminum plate is higher than that of the 7075 alloy. The forming properties are better in the hot state, annealing and new quenching conditions, and the heat treatment strengthening effect is remarkable, but the heat treatment process is strict. The corrosion resistance is poor, while it can be effectively protected by coating with pure aluminum. 2a11 aluminum plate is prone to cracks during welding. It requires a special process, which can be welded or riveted. It is widely used in aircraft structures, truck components, automobile hoods, propeller components, as well as our common molds, precision parts, fixtures and so on.

2a11 aluminum plate for sale

Mingtai 2a11 Aluminum Plate for Sale

Mingtai 2a11-t 4 : 2a11-t form includes solution treatment and work hardening. 2a11-t 4 is to heat the 2a11 aluminum plate to a high temperature single-phase zone and kept it a constant temperature, so that the excess phase is fully dissolved into the solid solution and then rapidly cooled (water-cooled) to obtain a supersaturated solid solution, and then natural aging, so that the internal stress of 2a11 is naturally released. , to obtain a 2a11-t 4 aluminum plate with precise dimensions.
Mingtai 2a11-t 6 : Same as the heat treatment process of solution treatment of 2a11-t 4, but using a relatively low aging temperature or a shorter holding time to obtain good plasticity and toughness, higher strength of 2a11-t 6 aluminum plate, It is stronger than the 7075 aluminum plate.
Mingtai 2a11-t 112: after cooling 2a11 aluminum plate by high temperature forming process, cold processing is no longer carried out, but it needs to go through specific processing to obtain significantly changed 2a11 aluminum plate properties.

Mingtai 2a11-t 351 : 2a11 aluminum plate is cold-processed by solution heat treatment, and then subjected to a specific process to obtain a significantly modified 2a11 aluminum plate properties, that is, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, etc. reach t 351.

2a11 aluminum plate for sale

Export of 2a11 Aluminum Plate for Sale

Mingtai 2a11 aluminum plate for sale product quality

Mingtai 2a11 aluminum plate for sale, its aluminum plate has no oil spots on the surface, no scratches, no wave lines, no burrs, trimming and neat, quality is guaranteed.

Mingtai 2a11 aluminum plate for sale transport packaging

Mingtai aluminum plate packaging meets export standards and can be covered with plastic film and kraft paper according to customer needs. Mingtai mostly uses wooden boxes or wooden pallets to protect the 2a11 aluminum plate from damage during transportation.

Mingtai 2a11 aluminum plate for sale delivery time

Mingtai has a long-term cooperative and reliable logistics fleet, signed a guaranteed logistics agreement, and the annual export volume is very large, and the space is guaranteed. Mingtai factory is also equipped with an efficient loading and unloading team, reasonable professional vehicle driving route, to ensure that each ticket export order is accurate, safe and efficient to send to your side.

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