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1060 aluminum plate manufacturer:

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale 1060 aluminum plate manufacturer. The 1060 aluminum plate is mainly made of hot-rolled aluminum plate. Its 1060 aluminum plate is widely used in high-end products, busbar 1060 aluminum plate, new energy battery soft link with 1060 aluminum plate, automobile insulation. The cover is made of 1060-o aluminum coil. Regarding the price of 1060 aluminum plate, everyone is concerned about it. What are the factors affecting the price of 1060 aluminum plate?

1060 aluminum plate

1060 aluminum plate price:

The price of 1060 aluminum plate is composed of two parts: aluminum ingot price + processing cost. Due to the different processing steps and mechanical equipment required for different types and states of aluminum plates, the processing cost will be greatly different.
1. It is different from cast aluminum plate and hot rolled aluminum plate. Mingtai Aluminum mainly produces 1060 hot-rolled aluminum sheets. Some customers need cast aluminum sheets. The price of 1060 hot-rolled aluminum sheets is higher than that of cast-rolled aluminum sheets.
2. It is the specification of 1060 aluminum plate. The price of 1060 alloy aluminum plate is different from the conventional specification and special specification. The price of 260 wide 1060 ultra-wide aluminum plate and 1.2 m is different. Mingtai Aluminum is one of the few that can produce 2600mm ultra-wide aluminum plate. Manufacturer.
3. The strength of aluminum plate manufacturers is different. The size of aluminum plate manufacturers is different. The cost of input and output is different. The cost of large aluminum processing enterprises is relatively high. The price of 1060 aluminum plate is slightly more expensive, but the quality is more secure than that of small manufacturers. Therefore, the purchase of aluminum sheet products can not only be based on price, but quality is also crucial. Mingtai aluminum aluminum plate manufacturers use high-quality aluminum ingot raw materials, and the 1060 aluminum plates produced meet the national standard specifications, and the products are of high quality and low price.

1060 aluminum plate

1060 aluminum plate features:

1060 aluminum plate has good elongation and tensile strength, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, which can fully meet the normal processing requirements (stamping, stretching) formability; secondly because 1060 aluminum plate is Pure aluminum plate, containing aluminum content of 99.6%, the production process is relatively simple, the technology is relatively mature, the price of 1060 aluminum plate is relatively cheap compared to other 5052 aluminum plate, so it is also very popular in the market.

1060 aluminum plate

1060 aluminum plate offer:

If you need a specific 1060 aluminum plate offer, we need to know the status and specifications of your 1060 aluminum plate. If you don’t know much about this piece, we can provide you with free consultation service and a professional business manager to recommend you. Give your alloy reference and provide you with a specific 1060 aluminum plate offer. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. has a large aluminum plate manufacturer. There is no middleman to make a difference. You can visit the factory in person, and you can watch the aluminum plate production process at close range.

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