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How to differentiate between different aluminum foil

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how to differentiate between different aluminum foil

To know how to differentiate between different aluminum foil, you need to understand what aluminum foil is.

Generally, for a material rolled from metallic aluminum or aluminum alloy, a thickness of 0.2 mm or less is called aluminum foil. Aluminum foil generally exists in the form of a roll, so it can also be called aluminium foil roll. As an aluminum foil manufacturer, we produce aluminium foil rolls with a thickness of more than 12 microns. The weight of the roll and the number of meters of the roll can be customized according to customer needs. aluminium foil roll can be used in automotive, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, bottle caps, etc.

aluminum foil manufacturer

how to differentiate between different aluminum foil alloys

how to differentiate between different aluminum foil? Can be distinguished from aluminum foil alloy.There are 1-9 series of aluminum alloys, and 1-8 series are commonly used. aluminium foil roll is generally 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 8 series alloys.

1 series alloy aluminum foil includes 1235 aluminum foil, 1060 aluminum foil, 1070 aluminum foil and 1100 aluminum foil. Series 1 alloys are pure aluminum alloys with an aluminum content of not less than 99.00%. Its characteristics are: low strength, work hardening is the only way to strengthen. Good hot and cold processing performance, high thermal conductivity.

3 series alloy aluminum foil has 3003 aluminum foil and 3004 aluminum foil. The 3 series alloy has good formability and good weldability. It has higher strength than Series 1 alloy and more corrosion resistance than Series 1 alloy.

5 series alloy has 5052 aluminum foil, which can be used as honeycomb aluminum foil, but the cost is too high and the utilization rate is not high.

8 series alloys are commonly used aluminum foil alloys, including 8011 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil, and 8079 aluminum foil. Among them, 8011 aluminum foil is the most widely used.
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how to differentiate between different aluminum foil uses

how to differentiate between different aluminum foil? The biggest difference is the use. Here we pick some typical uses to illustrate.

Pharmaceutical aluminum foil alloy temper are 8011-H18; 8021-O, the typical thickness is 0.02-0.075mm. Reprocessing methods include compounding, coating and printing. The final use is widely used in the packaging of various pharmaceutical capsules, tablets and granules after compounding and printing.

Food container foil alloy tempers are 8011-H24, 3003-H24, 8011-H22 and so on. The typical thickness is 0.02-0.20mm, and the processing method is stamping. The end use is semi-rigid containers used for food packaging after punching.

Heat sealing foil alloy temper 8011-O. Typical thickness 0.025-0.05 (single sided light or double sided light). Processing methods is compounding, printing, etc. The final use is for packaging of dairy products such as fresh milk and yogurt after processing such as printing or painting.

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how to differentiate between different aluminum foil price

In the process of buying aluminum foil, you are most concerned about aluminum foil price. Only products with reasonable prices can satisfy the actual purchase of users.

In fact, the price of high-quality aluminum foil is not constant. It is related to many factors, including dosage and specifications. In addition, some external factors such as market conditions, supply and demand relationships, and economic models will also cause large fluctuations in aluminum foil price. In the process of setting prices for high-quality aluminum foil, a reasonable judgment can only be made after a comprehensive analysis of these influencing factors. Our product sales are high, the main reason is that the product quality is excellent, aluminum foil price is reasonable.


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