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Current Status of Aluminum Sheeting Suppliers

1.Aluminium sheet is small in variety and quality is not high.

At present, the aluminum processing industry has not yet formed a complete independent system, and the number of alloys and processing states is small. Aluminum sheeting suppliers have insufficient production capacity, such as high-grade decorative panels, mirror aluminium, aircraft skin panels, and aluminium sheet for automotive body. There are problems such as overcapacity of end products and serious homogenization of products.

2.Aluminium sheet is not highly processed

The vast majority of aluminum sheeting suppliers are only in the bauxite to aluminum processing (extrusion, rolling) section, and are not involved in the deeper processing of aluminum with higher added value. Affected by many factors, it is very difficult to extend to the high-profit deep processing stage.

3.Aluminum Sheeting Suppliers are not efficient

Aluminum sheeting suppliers are mixed, and often cause a phenomenon that the order for the aluminum sheet buyer has been delayed for a long time, but the aluminium sheet didn’t be produced. Low productivity, delayed delivery, The entry specification of aluminum plate manufacturer needs to be strengthened.

Aluminum Sheeting Suppliers

How to Choose Aluminum Sheeting Suppliers

The choice of aluminum sheeting suppliers can be considered from the following aspects:

1. Types of aluminum sheets produced: Aluminum sheeting suppliers meet the needs of basic aluminum sheet production, and whether there are many other alloy aluminum sheets, aluminum tread plate, high-performance aluminum sheets and other products. We can indirectly judge its strength.

2. A number of aluminum sheeting suppliers consultation comparison: view company introduction, cooperation case, relevant qualification certificate, etc. And to determine whether the aluminum sheeting prices are reasonable, thus getting the powerful aluminum plate manufacturer.

3. Field visits: High-value aluminum sheeting suppliers, which purchase high-quality aluminum ingot raw materials, control the quality of aluminum sheets from the source, and have mature billet processing technology.

4.Service Guarantee: See how the after-sales service of aluminum sheeting suppliers, experience the service attitude of aluminum manufacturers, knowing whether they answer your doubts in time.

Aluminum Sheeting Suppliers

Mingtai Efficient Delivery Process

1. Quick packaging of finished products: According to the characteristics of the aluminium sheet produced and the requirements of customers, Mingtai can quickly judge the packaging standards such as film or sticker, and have a very professional packaging team to ensure that every part of the aluminum plate is protected.

2. Quick warehousing of finished products: multiple hoisting inputs, quickly put the finished product into the truck box. Fast and reasonable driving route of Mingtai aluminum sheeting suppliers ensures that the truck delivers the finished aluminum sheet to the designated warehouse outlet.

3. Quick check of the delivery list: the use of the computer information system enables the salesperson and the warehouse manager to make fast delivery information transfer, ensuring fast and accurate shipment.

4. Accurate and fast loading and unloading: Stable and professional loading team, high enthusiasm for loading, and reasonable and orderly loading of each order.

5.Guarantee of container space: Mingtai aluminum sheeting suppliers has long-term cooperation with freight forwarder partners. The export volume is very large, ensuring the timeliness of the space and thus quickly shipping aluminum sheet.

Aluminum Sheeting Suppliers

Advantages of Mingtai Aluminum Sheeting Suppliers

1. Mingtai aluminium company in china invests in research and development in the direction of high-end products and new applications of aluminum. Among them, high-end aluminum plate strip such as aluminum plate for automobile body, tanker aluminum plate, mirror panel, tread plate for high-altitude rotary ladder and refrigerated truck have strong advantage to meet the needs of high-end aluminum panels worldwide. And continue to innovate, the establishment of Zhengzhou Mingtai Traffic New Materials Co., Ltd.

2.Mingtai aluminum sheeting suppliers draws on the experience of foreign “zero inventory”system management and implements computer information management system to realize automatic transmission, tracking and early warning of information and instructions, improve the operability of order management and plan management, and shorten the turnaround time of the material, timely discover and solve the quality problems in production, reduce unnecessary invalid production, etc., and comprehensively improve the efficiency of aluminum sheet from order production to shipment.

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