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China began to build small aluminum alloy hydrofoil boats and speedboats in 1958. The first speedboat named “Changjiang Hydrofoil Passenger Boat” No. 1 is an all-aluminum alloy. The so-called all-aluminum boat refers to the technology at that time. Under the conditions, all spare parts made of aluminum alloy have been manufactured with aluminum alloy whose performance can meet the design requirements, and the aluminum alloy boat should have good cost performance. By 2015, China will not only be able to build a variety of small and medium-sized aluminum boats, but also build large LNG ships and luxury tourist ships.


“Yangtze Hydrofoil Passenger Boat” No. 1 is a hull made of 2A12 alloy sheet. The alloy was graded at LY12, which is 3.8% Cu~4.9% Cu, 0.30% Mu~0.9%Mn, 1.2%Mg. ~1.8%Mg 2XXX series alloy is also a widely used high strength hard aluminum alloy, especially in aircraft manufacturing, it is the backbone material of aircraft structure.
In 1960, the “Kunlun” inland river passenger ship made in China used aluminum alloy as the superstructure material for the first time. The total length of the ship is 84m, the maximum width is 16m, the depth is 5.8m, the design draught is 2.4m, and the displacement is 1712t. The decks and surrounding walls above the deck of the ship are made of 3.5m~6mm thick LY12 hard aluminum, which is now 2A12 alloy, sharing 93t aluminum alloy. The “Kunlun” passenger ship was shipped in 1962, modified in 1972, and after 1979 repair, it was still in operation until 1985. China has also applied aluminum alloys such as watertight doors, hatch covers, oil tanks, water tanks, etc. in the construction of 10,000-ton ocean freighter armor and decorative parts.
In 2012, Zhongshan Jianglong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. of Guangdong Province designed and built the first aluminum alloy-glass steel double-body high-speed passenger ship in China. The hull material is Marine Grade Aluminum 5083 aluminum alloy plate and the superstructure is FRP. The test speed is full 25Kn (46.3 Km/h), with good airworthiness, rapidity and maneuverability, is the preferred ship type for passengers at sea.


The main body of the ship is 27.6m long, the width is 8.8m, the waterline is 25.6m long, the depth is 3.1m, the width of the piece is 2.6m, the passengers are 199, and the speed of the coastal navigation area is 25kn (46.3km/h). The main hull material of the catamaran passenger ship is 5083 aluminum plate, and the superstructure structure is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP). It adopts double-machine scull propulsion and mainly sails in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Zhuhai waters.
The 16m luxury business yacht model produced by Junlin Aluminum Alloy Ship Co., Ltd. is simple and smooth, with a novel and unique appearance. The hull is a 5083-0 alloy welded structure with luxurious interior decoration.
The all-aluminum leisure boat made by Jungle Aluminum Boat Co., Ltd. has a design speed of 135.2km/h. It can sail on the offshore sea. It is an ideal tool for recreational activities and fishing in the beach. It can experience the speed of high-speed navigation. The perfect tool for rescue in the sea.
All aluminum leisure boat
The aluminum alloy offshore fireboat produced by Jungle Shipping Company can respond flexibly and quickly. The designed speed is 61.1km/h, which can quickly reach the accident sea area, and the accident can be eliminated in the initial stage in a short time.


The tugboat is a necessary working vessel for inland water transportation, port operations and rescue operations. The all-aluminum tugboat manufactured by Jungle Aluminum Alloy Ship Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of strong pushing ability and flexible work.
In March 2015, an all-aluminum double-body high-speed passenger ship designed by Wuhan Changjiang Ship Design Institute and built by Jianglong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was launched. The ship has a total length of 35.60m, a width of 9m, a draught of 1.5m, a passenger carrying 263 people, a conventional propeller drive, a design speed of 26kn (48km/h), and an actual test speed of 27.1kn. It has light weight, shallow draft and large passenger capacity. Excellent performance and other advantages.
China’s yacht manufacturing industry has developed rapidly since 2005. It is estimated that by 2020, China’s yachts will account for about 22% of global sales. China’s yacht industry economy will reach 110 billion yuan, of which aluminum alloy boats account for about 45%. This will greatly promote the development of the aluminum plate factory.
Mingtai Aluminum is a manufacturer specializing in the production of Marine Grade Aluminum. The 5083 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate are commonly used in shipbuilding.

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