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6061 aluminum plate belongs to Al-Mg-Si alloy, medium strength, good plasticity and corrosion resistance, good weldability and good oxidation effect. In the production process of 6061 aluminum sheet, a small amount of copper or zinc is sometimes added to increase the strength of the alloy without significantly reducing the corrosion resistance; there is a small amount of copper in the conductive material to offset the titanium and iron pairs. Adverse effects of conductivity; zirconium or titanium can refine grains and control recrystallized structure; adding lead and antimony can improve the machinability of the alloy.
6061 aluminum plate is one of the widely used aluminum plates. It has excellent performance and can be used in electronic products, household appliances, automobiles, trolley cases, construction, molds, precision machining, etc. The market reputation is very good. With the development of smart phone manufacturing and automotive electronics manufacturing, the demand for 6061 aluminum plate has gradually increased, and the market prospect is broad.

6061 aluminum plate

6061 aluminum plate use:

6061 aluminum plate is often used in industrial structural parts that have certain requirements on alloy strength, weldability and corrosion resistance. Let’s take a look at it.
1.Transportation. The 6061 aluminum plate can be used to manufacture the structure of trucks, ships, and electric cars. It can be used to manufacture automobile wheels, car chassis protectors, four-door and two-car covers, car seats, etc., and can also be used in aircraft.
2.mold manufacturing. Mold aluminum panels generally require high strength heat treatable alloy aluminum sheets that require good mechanical properties and are easy to process. 6061 aluminum plate has the advantages of light weight, good processing performance, high temperature resistance and good wear resistance. It is widely used in mold manufacturing and is also called mold aluminum plate.
3.3C field. 6061 aluminum plate is widely used in mobile phone card slot, button, computer stand, computer case and other 3C fields. Good oxidation effect and easy coloring.
4.Construction field. 6061 aluminum plate is widely used in building frames, doors and windows, ceilings, decorative surfaces, etc. due to its good corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, excellent process performance and welding performance.

6061 aluminum plate

Mingtai Aluminum Supply 6061 Aluminum Sheet Specifications:

1. Material status: O, T4, T6, T651, F
2. Thickness (mm) 0.3-500
3. Width (mm) 500-2800
4. Length (mm) 500-16000
5. Surface: white / glossy, no need for milling

6061 aluminum plate

Advantages of Mingtai 6061 aluminum plate:

1. The “1+1” hot rolling production line independently developed by Mingtai Aluminum has laid a solid foundation for the commissioning of 6061 aluminum sheets.
2. In the production process of 6061 aluminum plate, the columnar crystal structure of the ingot is less, the crystal grain is fine, and the forging ability is strong.
3. Mingtai Aluminum 6061 aluminum plate has strong corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency, good oxidation effect and strong weldability.

Mingtai aluminum plate supplier supply 6061 aluminum plate:

6061 aluminum plate is one of the advantages of Mingtai Aluminum. We can customize 6061t6 aluminum plate, 6061t651 aluminum plate, 6061 super flat plate, 6061 hardened plate and other aluminum plates according to user needs.

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