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Aluminum silicon alloy

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Introduction to aluminum-silicon alloy:

Aluminum silicon alloy is a forged and cast alloy with aluminum and silicon as the main component. It generally contains 11% silicon, and a small amount of copper, iron and nickel are added to increase the strength. The density is about 2.6-2.7g/cm3. The coefficient is about 101 to 126 W/(m·°C), the Young’s modulus is 71.0 GPa, the impact value is about 7 to 8.5 J, and the fatigue limit is ±45 MPa.
Aluminum silicon alloy is widely used in the automotive industry and machine manufacturing industry to produce parts for sliding friction conditions due to its light weight, good thermal conductivity and strength, hardness and corrosion resistance.


Aluminum-silicon alloy is an important industrial alloy widely used in important industries such as air transportation, construction, and automobiles. It is also used to manufacture low- and medium-strength shapes with complex shapes such as cover plates, motor casings, and support. Brass, etc., also used as brazing solder. The alloy is a typical eutectic alloy with a simple phase diagram and no intermediate compounds. It has the advantages of good casting performance, high specific strength and low price. Aluminum is the third main group element, and silicon is a semiconductor element, and the solid solubility between them is very small.
Aluminum silicon alloy (3)

Aluminum silicon alloy properties and uses

When the silicon content is low (such as 0.7), Aluminum silicon alloy has better ductility and is commonly used as a deformed alloy. When the silicon content is high (such as 7%), the aluminum-silicon alloy melt has good filling properties and is commonly used. Casting alloy. In an aluminum-silicon alloy containing more than the Al-Si eutectic point (silicon content of 12.6%), when the particle content of silicon is as high as 14.5% to 25%, a certain amount of Ni, CU, Mg, etc. can be improved. Its comprehensive mechanical properties. They can be used in automotive engines to replace weight cast iron cylinders with significant weight savings. The aluminum-silicon alloy used as a cylinder can be electrochemically treated to etch the surface aluminum to retain the primary silicon dots embedded in the substrate on the inner wall of the cylinder, and the scratch resistance and wear resistance are remarkably improved. The alloy containing 11% to 13% of silicon is one of the best piston materials due to its light weight, low expansion coefficient and high corrosion resistance.


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