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What’s the weight of 1/5 inch thick aluminum alloy 6061 t6

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Aluminum alloy 6061 t6 properties:

6061 represents the alloy composition of the aluminum plate, and t6 is the heat treatment temper of the aluminum plate, which determines the mechanical properties of the aluminum plate. t6 temper is suitable for products that no longer undergo cold working after solution heat treatment (can be straightened and leveled, but does not affect the limit of mechanical properties).
The composition of aluminum alloy 6061 t6 determines 6061 t6 properties. It has the characteristics of good anti-rust effect and strong hardness. Although the Mg content is not as high as that of the 5083 aluminum plate, the 6061 aluminum plate, as a heat-treated aluminum plate, is quenched and quenched at high temperature and processed into T4 or T6 temper, the hardness will increase sharply. In practical applications such as die cutting and CNC panel, there will be relatively high strength.
6061-t6 aluminum

What’s the weight of 1/5 inch thick aluminum alloy 6061 t6:

How to calculate the weight of aluminum alloy 6061 t6? First, we need to sort out the calculation formula of weight, weight = density x volume. Then, the density of aluminum is 2.7g / cm³, assuming that the size of the aluminum plate is 4’x 8’x 1/5 “, the volume is 921 cubic inches or 15092cm³, multiplied by the density of 2.7g / cm³, the weight is 41 kg or 90 lbs. Finally, the weight of each 1/5 inch thick aluminum alloy 6061 t6 is 41 kg or 90 lbs.
There are two points to note. First, the weight we obtained above is the weight of each 1/5 inch thick aluminum alloy 6061 t6. If you have more than one piece, you need to multiply the weight of each piece by the number of pieces. The second point is also very important. Observe the unit of measure for each number. It must be the same unit of measurement to calculate the correct weight.
6061-t6 aluminum

Aluminum alloy 6061 t6 aluminum plate price:

There are different classification methods for aluminum alloy 6061 t6. The common classification method is to classify according to thickness. So what are the calculation methods of aluminum plate price for different thickness?
Aluminum plate price = aluminum ingot price + processing fee
1. First confirm the volume of the purchased aluminum alloy 6061 t6, that is, understand the thickness, width and length of the aluminum plate in detail. Pay attention to the unity of the unit when calculating.
2. Calculate the total weight. In the previous paragraph we have introduced the calculation method of weight.
3. Calculate the exact price of aluminum alloy 6061 t6 per ton. The price of the aluminum ingot on that day plus the processing fee for the aluminum plate manufacturer to produce the product.
4. The total weight of the aluminum plate x the price per ton is the accurate quotation of the product.
Let’s take 100 sheets of 1/5 inch thick aluminum alloy 6061 t6 as an example. The weight of each sheet is 41kg (0.041 tons), then the weight of 100 sheets is 4.1 tons. On April 24, the price of aluminum ingot is 1760 USD / ton, plus the processing fee of the aluminum plate manufacturer you consulted, it is the total price of 100 sheets of 1/5 inch thick aluminum alloy 6061 t6.
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