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Aluminium Checker Plate 3mm 5 Bar Tread Plate

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Aluminium Checker Plate 3mm 5 Bar Tread Plate

The 3mm aluminium checker plate includes 3003-h14 Grade, 5052, A1100-H14 and other alloy series. There are abundant 3mm thick aluminum tread plates available in grades, temper, width, patterns for your choice. Additionally, our checker tread plates are always customized according your demands. Whether in building decoration, vehicles, ships, or parts, equipment applications, our 3mm aluminium checker plates are better and highly practical! Now, Let’s find the one that suits you best!

aluminium checker plate 3mm

5 Bar 3003-H14 Aluminium Checker Plate 3mm

5 bar 3003-H14 grade 3mm aluminium checker plate is hot-selling ! In fact, the h14 tempered 3003 aluminum checker plate has strong surface tension, more durable, clearer surface pattern, better processability, better corrosion resistance, etc. So 3mm thick 3003 tread plate with 5 bars patterns is beautiful and highly decorative. Besides, we also supply the tread pattern of big 5 bar/ small 5 bar/ 3 bar/ 2 bar. In fact, they are widely used for truck bed, trailer, tool boxes, anti-slip floors, wainscot, stairs, and other various fields.

aluminium checker plate 3mm

5 Bar A1100 H14 Aluminium Checker Plate 3mm

As for A1100 H14 aluminum checker plate, the surface is closer to silver white luster in fact. What’s more, the H14 tempered 1100 checker plate can be bent, cut, and formed well. Besides, we can try it with our hands. In addition, due to the Al content is up to 99%, the 1100 chequer plate has the advantages of light texture, good corrosion resistance, easy machining and installation, etc. Therefore, it’s widely used in conventional conditions with low strength requirements. Such as cold storage flooring, platform, table leg, decorative bar, etc. Here, our 5 bar 1100-H14 aluminium checker plate 3mm product is very economic !

aluminium checker plate 3mm

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3mm Aluminium Checker Plate Supplier near Me

That’s our big honored that you come here ! We are Mingtai Aluminum, is a large 3mm aluminium checker plate supplier from China. Not only the thickness of 3mm, we also supply aluminum checker plate with 0.8-7mm thickness and 100-2000mm width. So far, Mingtai aluminum tread plate has exported to North America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, North Africa, Western Europe and other regions. and The market share in the North American market has reached 60-70% ! So here, contact us to get preferential price now ! Come on !


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