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8011 Aluminum Foil Price/Aluminum Foil Price

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8021 vs 8011 Aluminum Foil Price

1. 8011 aluminum foil price is favorable with high cost performance. It’s due to 8011 aluminum foil itself contains Mn and Mg elements, but the 8021 aluminum foil does not contain these two elements. Therefore, the 8011 aluminium foilbought at a relatively cost-effective price has strength and the corrosion resistance which is higher than 8021 aluminum foil.

2. However, due to the high strength of 8011 aluminum foil, the elongation and puncture resistance in the same state as 8021 aluminum foil are lower than 8021 aluminum foil. Therefore, in the pharmaceutical packaging, the aluminum foil coating on the back of the PTP capsules mostly uses 8011 aluminium foil. For the 8011 aluminum foil pricel, it can also meet the mass cost control requirements for capsules. For blister aluminum and tropical aluminum, which require higher sealing and elongation, 8021 aluminum foil and 8079 aluminum foil are mostly used, and their costs are relatively high.

3, 8011 aluminum foil is more widely used, can be used in medical aluminum foil packaging, food packaging, lunch box materials, tape foil, cable foil, milk cap material, bottle cap material and many other fields, and 8011 aluminum foil price is also a advantage. The 8021 aluminum foil price is relatively high compared to 8011, and it is mostly used in the packaging of lithium battery soft plastic aluminum film and blister drugs that require relatively high requirements.

8011 aluminum foil

8011 Aluminum Foil Price Calculation

In the market, 8011 aluminum foil price is calculated by weight and by length. So, how do we calculate the 8011 aluminum foil price by length? And How do we calculate by weight? Here, I hope you find the answers to these questions.

1.Calculate 8011 aluminum foil price according to the length of aluminum foil. For a practical example, it is known that the density of 8011 aluminium foil is 2.71 (with a thickness of 8011 aluminium foil as the standard), and we need a thickness of 0.1mm. Generally, aluminum foil produced by aluminum foil manufacturers has a weight of about 300kg. Knowing that the net weight of 8011 aluminium foil is 300kg and the width is 1000mm, then before calculating the 8011 aluminum foil price, we need to calculate the length of 8011 aluminium foil as follows:

Basis weight of 0.1mm aluminum foil: 2.71 * 0.1 = 0.271
Conversion per square meter per square meter: 1 (referring to 1 kg) /0.271=3.69 square meters / kg
300 kg: 300 kg * 3.69 square meters / kg = 1107.01 square meters

And because the width is 1000mm, which is 1m, we know that the planar area of a roll of 8011 aluminum foil is 1107.01 square meters, According to the area formula = length by width, it is not difficult to calculate the length of a roll of 300kg 8011 aluminum foil is 1107 meters. Finally, how many rolls do you need for a 300kg, 1107m 8011 aluminum foil? Then use the number of rolls you need by 1107m by per unit price to get 8011 aluminum foil price.

2. Similarly, calculate the 8011 aluminum foil price based on the aluminum foil weight. According to the length, thickness, and width of the 8011 aluminum foil you want, calculate the volume, then multiply the density of the aluminum foil by 2.7 to get the weight of the 8011 aluminum foil. Finally multiply the unit price of the aluminum foil to get the 8011 aluminum foil price. For specific weight of single coil, we can directly consult the manufacturer, and click the customer service dialog on the right. Mingtai welcomes your inquiry at any time.

8011 aluminum foil

Mingtai 8011 Aluminum Foil Price

Mingtai 8011 aluminum foil price uses the same quotation method as most 8011 aluminum foil factory, and consists of two parts: aluminum ingot price and processing fee. Similarly, the 8011 aluminum foil price is affected by the market price of aluminum ingot, which may fluctuate. However, Mingtai 8011 aluminum foil price processing fee, Mingtai’s offer is very stable, and the details are transparent. In the face of different quotes from manufacturers on the market, we must first determine our own processing needs, quality requirements for 8011 aluminium foil, budget, and special attention to the strength of the 8011 aluminum foil factory. We will make a decision after comprehensive evaluation . Finally, Mingtai sincerely hopes that you can buy the affordable 8011 aluminum foil price and high-quality products.

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