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7050 Aluminum | 7050 Aluminum Plate

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Introduction to 7050 Aluminum:

7050 aluminum sheet is a high strength heat treatable alloy with high strength and resistance to spalling and stress corrosion cracking. It is a 7 series alloy with zinc and silicon as the main alloying elements.


Advantages of 7050 Aluminum:

7050 aluminum sheet has high strength and resistance to spalling and stress corrosion cracking. The main alloying element of 7075 aluminum plate is zinc. Adding magnesium to the alloy containing 3%-75% zinc can form MgZn2 with remarkable strengthening effect, which makes the heat treatment effect of the alloy far better than aluminum-zinc binary alloy. The content of zinc and magnesium in the tensile strength will be further improved, but its ability to resist stress corrosion and flaking corrosion will decrease.
After heat treatment, it can achieve very high strength characteristics. Consulted with copper and other alloys. The system is made of 7075-T651 aluminum alloy, which is known as the best product in aluminum alloy. It has high strength and is far better than mild steel. This alloy has good mechanical properties and anode reaction. Used in aerospace, mold processing, mechanical equipment, fixtures, especially for aircraft manufacturing structures and other high-stress structures with high strength and corrosion resistance.


Application of 7050 aluminum:

1. Mold manufacturing: Injection mold, blowing mold, foam mold, reaction injection mold (RIM) mold and a complete set of aluminum alloy mold.
2. Aircraft structure: Plate, extrusion, free forging .
3. Sports equipment:Such as tennis rackets and softball bats.


Mechanical Properties of 7050 Aluminum:

State Tensile strength Yield strength Elongation Hardness (a) Shear strength Fatigue strength (b)
MPa ksi MPa ksi sample thickness
1.6mm (1/16in) HB MPa ksi MPa ksi
T73510 496 72· 434 63 ·12 135 – – 71 10.4
T7451 524 76 ·469 68 1·1 135 303· 44 71 10.4
T7651 552 80 ·490 71 11· 135 324 47· 71 10.4
Note: (a) Load 500kg diameter 10mm ball; (b) R.R.Moore type test, cycle 5*108 times full reverse stress.
Other performance
Density: 2.83 g/cm3 (0.102 lb/in3) at 20 ° C (68 ° F).
Annealing temperature 415 ° C (775 ° F)
Solution temperature 475 ° C (890 ° F)
Aging temperature 120-175 ° C (250-350 ° F)

Technical parameters of 7050 aluminum:

Typical alloy 7050 aluminum plate
Material status O、T6、T651、T7451
Thickness (mm) 1.0-600
Width (mm) <2650
Length (mm) <8000
Application of 7075 Aluminum Plate Gaoerfu ball head, mold, fixture, etc.


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