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Introduction to 7005 aluminum:

7005 aluminum plate is super-hard aluminum, good welding performance, heat treatment strengthened, not as strong as 6061, but much lighter, typical lightweight aluminum. Commonly used in high strength, high fracture toughness welded structures, such as trusses, rods, containers for vehicles; large heat exchangers, and parts that cannot be solidified after welding; can also be used to make sports equipment such as tennis rackets With a softball bat.


7005 aluminum mechanical properties:

7005 material status: T1 T3 T4 T5 T6 T8
Manufacturing method: drawing
Mechanical behavior:
State tempert4: tensile strength uts324, specified non-proportional elongation stress yield215, elongation elongation11, conductivity 40-49
State tempert5: tensile strength uts345, specified non-proportional elongation stress yield305, elongation elongation9, conductivity 40-49;
State tempert6n: tensile strength uts350 specified non-proportional elongation stress yield290 elongation elongation8 conductivity 40-49
The difference between aluminum alloy material 6061, 7005, 7075:
The hardness of pure aluminum is not high, it is soft, but the alloy is very hard. Various alloys can be obtained by adding different metals, and 6061, 7005, and 7075 are all aluminum alloy models.
6061 is the most common aluminum, light, strong, and economical.
7005 is light aluminum, strength 7005 aluminum is stronger than 6061 aluminum, it is much lighter and the price is high.
7075 is the lightest and strongest aluminum, and the price is super expensive! The strength of 7075 is no less than steel.


7005 aluminum difference:

1. The materials currently used in aluminum alloy frames are 7005 and 6061.
The 2.7000 series mainly uses zinc as the main alloy, and the composition ratio reaches 6%. The 6000 series mainly uses magnesium and silicon as the main alloys, and the total composition ratio is low.
3. In terms of strength, 7005 is stronger, but only slightly stronger. As can be seen from the table, yield strength (the strength of permanent bending deformation of aluminum) is only a little stronger than 6061.
4. All aluminum alloys used as frame materials are heat treated T6
5. But on the whole, 6061 is a better material. Since 7005 contains a high proportion of other metals, it is difficult to weld and handle. In particular, 7075 (the latter two figures represent the proportion of alloys) has a higher proportion, so it is generally not used as a material for the frame. In contrast, 6061 has a lower proportion of other metals, so it can increase its strength and reduce its wind resistance by special-shaped, various treatments, and even can achieve 3 times to reduce the weight.


7005 aluminum technical parameters:

Typical alloy 7005 aluminum sheet
Material status O、T6、T651、T7451
Thickness (mm) 1.0-600
Width (mm) <1500
Length (mm) <8000
Typical product Aircraft trusses, large heat exchangers, tennis rackets and softball bats, fixtures, etc.


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