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4mm Aluminium Sheet | 4mm Thick Aluminium Sheet

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4mm Aluminium Sheet

The 4mm aluminium sheet is widely used in marine application, building, industry, manufacturing, etc. For the 4mm thick aluminium sheet, has a certain thickness, stiffness, strength, bearing capacity, as well as excellent mechanical properties of aluminum alloys. So here, our 4mm aluminum sheet covers 1-7 series alloy grades for your choice. Such as the common 4mm thick 5083 marine grade aluminum sheet,1050 h14, 3003, 5005, 5052, 6061 sheet and tread plate, etc

4mm aluminium sheet

4mm Aluminium Sheet 1050 5083 Series Plate

1050 Grade 4mm Thick Aluminium Sheet

Alloy Series: 1 series pure aluminum alloy
Material properties: In fact, 1050 alloy with 99.5% Al content retains silvery white luster, light texture, and ductility of pure aluminum. In addition, It’s also famous for beautiful anodizing appearance. So, 1050 alloy also get better corrosion resistance, finish reflective, weldability, electrical conductivity, etc.
The application of 1050 grade 4mm aluminum sheet:
What’s more, such 0.2mm,2mm, 3mm, 4mm thick 1050 aluminium sheet is widely used for architectural flashings, aluminum composite panel (ACP), PS painting CTP plate, tread plate, fan blade, signs, light reflectors, shutters, etc. It’s highly economic low cost in fact!

4mm aluminum sheet

5083 Series 4mm Thick Aluminium Sheet

Alloy Series: 5000 series Al-Mg alloy
Material properties: 5083 aluminum also is typical ant-rust alloy, and regards as marine grade aluminum. So it shows best seawater resistance, very high strength, better weldability, machinability, and mechanical characteristics.
Mechanical Properties:

Typical Temper Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation Thickness Width (mm)
O (annealed) 42 KSI 21 KSI 14 % 0.5-600mm 500-3100mm
H116 46 KSI 33 KSI 10 %
H321 48 KSI 33 KSI 10 %

The application of 4mm thick 5083 aluminium sheet:
Particularly, 5083 grade 4mm aluminium sheet is common material for shipbuilding. For example, the common temper are O, H116, H111, H321, H112. Accordingly, they are well applied to yacht, cruise ship, fishing boat, sand boat, work boat, catamaran and other hull components of the manufacture. Of course, 5083 alloy is also widely used for tank truck, trailer, vehicles, flanges, precision machinery, etc

4mm thick aluminium sheet

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Mingtai Supplier of 4mm Aluminum Sheet

Welcome to Mingtai Al. Industry Co.,ltd ! In fact, Mingtai Aluminum is a large aluminum sheet supplier in international market. In addition, It has several decades of export experience. So here, there are not only 4mm aluminium sheet, but also 1-8 series alloys available in complete grades, temper, thickness, width, as well as very preferential price for your choice ! Then, if you are looking for 4mm aluminum sheet and other alloy products, Now, contact us to get best price ! Come on !

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