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20mm Thick Aluminium Plate

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20mm Aluminium Plate

20mm aluminium plate covers aluminium plate 20mm thick Al 5083 h111 sheet, 6061-t6 and 6061-t651 plates, etc. Except these 5/ 6 series 20mm thick aluminium plates, 1 series 20mm aluminum plates are also common. Such as 1060, 1100, 1050 grade thick plates, are perfect material for construction, industry, engineering, etc. So here, our aluminum plate are available in complete alloys, temper, specs, as well as best price for your choice !

20mm aluminium plate

Aluminium Plate 20mm Al 5083 h111 6061 t6 t651

Aluminum Plate 20mm Al 5083-h111

5083 H111 aluminum plate is typical marine grade aluminum sheet. So 5083-h111 grade 20mm aluminium plate shows mill finish, excellent corrosion resistance especially in extremely humid environments, as well as machinability, weldability, high strength, etc. Nowadays, It’s widely used in various fields. And the common are 20mm*1520*3020, 20mm*1250*2500, 20mm*2000*6000, and 4ft x 8ft x 20mm aluminum plates, etc.
The Mechanical Properties of Al 5083-H111

Proof Stress Tensile Strength Hardness Brinell
125 Min MPa 275 – 350 MPa 75 HB

Execution Standard:ASTM B209, GB/T, EN, etc.

20mm aluminium plate

Aluminium Plate 20mm 6061 t6 t651

As for 6061 aluminum plate, is the representative of thick aluminum plate. For example, the common are 10 /12 /15 /20 /25 /30 /35 /40 / 45*1250*2500mm 6061-t6 and 6061-t651 plates. In fact, 6061 aluminum belongs Al-Mg-Si alloy. And it shows higher strength, machinability, weldability, stampability, etc. Therefore, 20mm aluminium plate 6061 alloy is widely used for molding purpose such as mold of shoe/ underwear/ water bottle/ hardware, as well as precision instruments, welding components, marine application, etc.
The Mechanical Properties of 6061 T6/T651 Aluminum

Yield Strength Tensile Strength Hardness Brinell Max Shear Stress
276 MPa 310 MPa 95 HB 205 Mpa

Execution Standard: our aluminum plates 6061-t6 and 6061-t651 meet: ASTM B209/14 AMS 4027N AMS QQ-A-250/11.

20mm aluminium plate

20mm Thick Aluminium Plate in China Factory

In fact, Mingtai Aluminum is not only a large aluminum sheet supplier in the global market, but also a professional manufacturer of 20mm aluminium plate. Nowadays, Mingtai has been committed to aluminum plate production for more than 24 years. So, Mingtai Al. has become the top 3 companies producing ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plates in China. And our thickest plate can be up to 600mm, and the widest plate can be up to 2650mm. Of course, we also can customize the production for you ! Therefore, if you are looking quality 20mm thick aluminium plate, just send an e-mail, or leave an online messages, we will quick offer a satisfactory price for you ! Come on !


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