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Trailer aluminum sheet

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Trailer aluminum sheet is used for Trailer manufacturing:

There are many manufacturing materials for Trailer floors, but recently there is a trend that more and more trailer aluminum sheets are used for trailer floors. And aluminum sheets for trailer commonly use aluminum diamond plate and aluminum tread plate as raw materials, so why trailer aluminum sheet is so popular among trailer manufacturers? Let’s have a look.

Trailer aluminum sheet

Benefits of using Trailer aluminum sheet for trailer floors:

1. Light weight, good for energy saving

Compared with traditional steel plates, aluminum sheeting for trailers has the advantage of lighter weight and lighter materials. For materials of the same specification, we choose to use aluminum sheets for trailers floors, which is much lighter than steel plates. This will bring a lot of benefits, and the weight of car body reduction can greatly reduce fuel consumption. For the driver, it means that more goods can be pulled, and the natural income will increase accordingly. This is one of the reasons for choosing the trailer aluminum sheet for trailer manufacturing.

Trailer aluminum sheet

2. Corrosion resistant and long service life

Aluminum sheeting for trailers shows strong corrosion resistance due to the addition of different alloying elements. Compared with the traditional steel sheet, the service life of the aluminum sheet can be increased by about ten times. Under normal use, steel sheet will be scrapped due to corrosion problems after 3-5 years of use, and the trailer aluminum sheet can be used for decades, which is a clear advantage.

Trailer aluminum sheet

3. Environmental protection, high recycling value

Even the life of the best products will reach a limit, life of the trailer aluminum sheet is the same, but compared to the traditional steel plate, the recycling value of aluminum sheets for trailer is much higher than other materials, the recycling rate can reach 80%, so aluminum sheeting for trailers is highly environmentally friendly, which is in line with the resource sustainability strategy that the country has always advocated.

Trailer aluminum sheet

4. Anti-slip effect, good practicality

The trailer aluminum sheet is different from other materials in that it has a raised pattern, which is both beautiful and has a good anti-slip effect. This is very conducive to the transportation of goods, avoiding losses caused by collisions between goods due to poor road conditions. There are common aluminum sheets for trailer including aluminum diamond plate, 5 bar aluminum tread plate, and aluminum tread plate, etc.

Trailer aluminum sheet

Why should Mingtai Trailer aluminum sheet be covered with film?

When we purchase aluminum sheets, we often find that the surface of the aluminum sheet is covered with a thin layer of blue film, some are very fine, some are very rough, and the film is also single-sided and double-sided. But why do we stick film on the surface of aluminum plate?

The newly produced aluminum plate shows bright color and smooth surface. In the process of transportation, it is inevitable that aluminum sheets for trailer will have problems, and the trailer aluminum sheet coating method can effectively reduce the surface damage of the aluminum plate. Although the aluminum plate coating will increase the cost. However, it is still necessary. Of course, for those companies that do not have high requirements on the surface of the aluminum plate, there is no need to pay for it. As for the aluminum sheets for trailer, whether it need to be covered with film, we still have to choose according to our actual needs.

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