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1.Ultra-wide aluminum plate thickness:

The ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plate is different from the aluminum alloy plate in which the aluminum blank is subjected to hot-rolling treatment, and the aluminum alloy plate has different alloying elements and different alloying elements. Aluminum plates, aluminum strips and aluminum foils are all divided according to their thickness. The standard for the division of ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plates is naturally based on the width and thickness of aluminum plates. Generally, aluminum plates with a width of more than 2 meters are called ultra-wide aluminum plates, and the thickness is above 25mm. The aluminum plate is called a thick aluminum plate, and the aluminum plate having a thickness of 100 mm or more is called an ultra-thick aluminum plate.


2. ultra-wide aluminum plate requires higher strength of Aluminum plate manufacturer:

Ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plates are very demanding on production equipment due to their large specifications. The general small and medium-sized aluminum plate production equipment can not produce ultra-wide and thick aluminum plates. In order to develop new markets and meet the needs of market development, Mingtai Aluminum has successfully put into operation in 1+1 hot rolling production line in 2015, which is specially used to produce ultra-wide and thick aluminum plates of 5 series and 6 series, 1+ 1 The production line has increased the annual production capacity of Mingtai Aluminum by 200,000 tons to 650,000 tons, and the production cycle has been greatly shortened, which greatly reduced the problem of long delivery time of aluminum plates and greatly enhanced Mingtai Aluminum. Competitive advantage.


3.Mingtai 5052, 5083, 6061 ultra-wide plate alloy and its use:

Ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum sheet is hot-rolled aluminum sheet, which has good machinability, corrosion resistance and welding performance, and is easy to be processed. It is widely used in aerospace, transportation, petrochemical, mold manufacturing. , the ship industry and other fields. The alloys of ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plates mainly include 5 series aluminum plates and 6 series aluminum plates. Most of the conventional ones are 5052 ultra-thick aluminum plates, 5083 super-thick aluminum plates and 6061 ultra-thick aluminum plates. The production makes Mingtai Aluminum industry from ordinary Volkswagen aluminum to automotive, rail, aerospace and other high-end aluminum plate manufacturing.


4. Aluminum plate manufacturer strength:

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry was established in 1997. Since its establishment, Mingtai Aluminum has started to rapidly start relying on Henan’s abundant aluminum resources and labor costs. In 2003, the company’s first domestic 1+4 hot rolling production line independently developed. The production capacity has been increased to 400,000 tons, making it a leading aluminum processing enterprise in Gongyi and even in Henan. It has been rated as “Top 100 Enterprises in Henan Province” and “Top Ten Enterprises in Aluminum Sheet and Foil” and has become a “Henan Province Aluminum Sheet Foil Technology Research Center”.
At present, the aluminum processing industry in Henan Province has continuously improved its innovation capability and realized scientific development. It has gradually established the “Henan Province Enterprise Technology Center” centered on Mingtai Aluminum, and established the aluminum industry in Henan Province with Mingtai Aluminum as the starting point. Processing academician workstation.
In recent years, the production level of aluminum sheet and foil in Henan Province has been greatly improved. The industrial area of ​​Gongyi City, which is centered on Mingtai Aluminum, has also formed a scale. The industry is constantly developing, and some technological levels and domestic ranks are among the best.
Mingtai Aluminum will continue to lead the transformation and upgrading of domestic aluminum sheet enterprises as a whole, laying a solid foundation for domestic aluminum board manufacturers to enter the international market.

5. Mingtai ultra wide board production range Width: 28000mm

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