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Thermal insulation and energy conservation are of great significance in industrial production and daily life. Many industries such as steel, chemical, petroleum, and power require insulation measures for pipelines. Generally, the outer metal plate material of pipeline insulation is mostly made of iron sheet, aluminum coil, etc. Due to the good corrosion resistance of aluminum coil, the application of aluminum coil is more common, especially in chemical enterprises where aluminum coil with strong corrosion resistance is commonly used for pipeline insulation.3003 aluminum coil

Thermal insulation aluminum coil generally uses 1060 aluminum coil and 3003 aluminum coil, which are commonly used in equipment insulation and pipeline insulation engineering. It refers to adding an additional layer of aluminum coil outside the insulation material to reduce heat loss and bring better insulation effect. For equipment insulation, aluminum insulation system can reduce the impact of external low-temperature environment on equipment, greatly reduce energy consumption and loss, and thus bring higher economic benefits.

3003 aluminum coil for pipeline insulation belongs to the aluminum manganese alloy series. Due to the presence of manganese element, this material has excellent rust prevention performance, also known as rust proof aluminum coil. Its corrosion resistance is stronger than that of pure aluminum series 1, and it is suitable for various special environments. 3003 insulated aluminum coils play a dominant role in construction projects, especially in pipeline insulation projects. Due to their excellent anti-corrosion and insulation properties, insulated aluminum coils are widely used.

3003 aluminum coil

Advantages of 3003 insulated aluminum coil

1. The strength is higher than that of 1 series pure aluminum, with good processability and formability, meeting various processing requirements.

2. Strong corrosion resistance, suitable for special environments, and able to maintain a long service life.

3. The 3003 insulated aluminum coil has fire and thermal insulation functions, and its fire resistance performance is also very excellent.

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