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Middle East 3004 aluminum foil for containers and 3004 aluminum sheet

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Middle East 3004 aluminum foil

Middle East 3004 aluminum foil containers are widely used in takeout and aviation fields, it is one of the more effective and economical food packaging methods. Aluminum foil container has many advantages and wide application range. It can improve the freshness of food and prolong the shelf life. At the same time, it will not absorb water or oil. It can be heated directly without producing harmful substances, meet the fast-paced lifestyle of modern people and comply with the trend of international environmental protection.

Middle East 3004 aluminum foil advantage

As the raw material of aluminum foil lunch box, Middle East 3004 aluminum foil produced by Mingtai aluminum attaches great importance to food safety and strictly implements the international standards. The aluminum foil lunch box produced with Mingtai 3004 alloy not only ensures the same low price as 8011 alloy, but also ensures the same high strength characteristics as 3003 alloy, which has the price advantages of 8011 alloy and the strength advantages of 3003 alloy.

Household aluminum foil (3)

Middle East 3004 aluminum foil manufacturer advantage

1. Good quality. Mingtai aluminum has perfect production line, advanced equipment and skilled technology to protect the excellent quality of Middle East 3004 aluminum foil. The user feedback it has high strength and excellent stamping effect.

2. Fast delivery. Delivery is guaranteed within 25 days for normal orders, 10-15 days for some urgent orders, and 7-10 days for special urgent orders. In the environment of sharp fluctuations in aluminum prices in recent years, it provides help for customers to resist aluminum price risks and meet the high efficiency of customer production.

3. High reputation. Adhering to the business philosophy of honest operation, mutual benefit and win-win results, Mingtai aluminum shares the production profits with customers under the support of a complete industrial chain, and minimizes the processing fee of Middle East 3004 aluminum foil. Welcome customers in need to contact us.

Middle East 3004 aluminum sheet for aluminum plastic composite sheet

Middle East 3004 aluminum plastic composite board is a popular building decoration material in Middle East. It is composed of multi-layer materials. The upper and lower layers are high-purity aluminum alloy board, the middle is non-toxic low-density polyethylene (PE) core board, and a protective film is pasted on the front. Aluminum plastic sheet not only retains the main characteristics of raw materials, but also overcomes its shortcomings. It integrates many excellent qualities such as portability, color diversity, convenient construction, fire prevention and durability.

The upper and lower parts of aluminum-plastic composite sheet are made of aluminum alloy sheet, it usually uses Middle East 3004 aluminum sheet. Its main alloy element is manganese, which belongs to a series of aluminum manganese alloy. It has higher strength than 3003, excellent formability, good corrosion resistance and high plasticity. The middle of the aluminum-plastic sheet is flame-retardant PE plastic core, and the two ends are difficult to burn aluminum layers, so the fire resistance is very good, which meets the fire resistance needs of building materials.

3004 Aluminum alloy has low density and high plasticity. The aluminum-plastic sheet made by it has light weight, easy processing and molding, good impact resistance, weather resistance and convenient construction. It is widely used in many high-rise building exterior walls, architectural decoration, furniture and vehicles.

Aluminum sheet A6061T6 in Vietnam

Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a large aluminum sheet and foil manufacturer in China. It has mature 3004 aluminum sheet processing technology and high material stability. It is widely used in lamp cap materials, shutters, wide curtain wall panels, aluminum-plastic sheets, color coated aluminum coils, factory house panels, traffic signs, heat sinks, liquid containers and other fields, the market sales volume is constantly rising. We can supply 3004 aluminum plates to the Middle East market. Mingtai’s Middle East 3004 aluminum sheet has the following advantages:

1. Good formability, solubility and corrosion resistance.

2. High plasticity and excellent weldability.

3. High stability, smooth surface and no defects.

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