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How to maintenance aluminium sheet metal in daily life?

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Common Aluminium Sheet Metal

Aluminium sheet metal has a series of superior properties compared to other non-ferrous metal sheets, steel sheets, plastic sheets, and wood boards. For example, Aluminium sheet metal has the advantage of low density of only 2.7g/cm3, which is about 1/3 of copper or steel, so it is the most ideal material for reducing load and lightweight products, such as our common lightweight car aluminum body, high-speed rail body, high-rise buildings, etc. Its strength can be increased by adding Cu, Mg and other alloys, which are unmatched by ordinary steel plates, and can be compared with special steels for the manufacture of suspension bridges, pressure vessels, containers, etc. Prior to this, Aluminium sheet metal thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are second only to copper, about 3-4 times that of steel. It is the main manufacturing material for aluminum sheet metal fabrication such as wires, rice cookers and electronic components. What is more worth mentioning is that aluminum sheet metal panels in the low temperature environment, its strength is increased, no brittle, so it is the perfect material for refrigerators, Antarctic snow vehicles, oxygen and hydrogen production equipment.

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Maintenance of Aluminium Sheet Metal in Daily Life

Doors and Windows aluminium sheet metal

Every day, we need to keep the push-pull tank of aluminum alloy doors and windows clean. You can use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the tank, and pay attention to the light pull. These two points are effective maintenance methods to prevent the difficulty of pushing and pulling aluminum alloy doors and windows. Secondly, Mingtai reminds you to regularly check the aluminum alloy door and window parts, and also regularly clean it.

All-aluminum furniture

When repairing aluminum Plate for decorative furniture , Mingtai suggests that you can mix the same amount of hot water with white vinegar, then rub the surface of the all-aluminum furniture and rub it with a soft cloth to make your furniture more clean. If the surface of the all-aluminum furniture is dripped, and it is not wiped out in time, the long water will penetrate into the gap of the paint film and accumulate, so that the paint film will have a watermark, then just cover the water mark with a clean piece damp the cloth, then carefully iron the cloth with the iron so that the water that collects in the watermark will evaporate and the watermark will disappear.

Lightweight car aluminum body

In our life, Aluminum-made car doors are scratched and off paint is the most troublesome thing for us. For shallow scratches, Mingtai recommends that you first use sandpaper to remove impurities and rust, then pass the surface reduction, waxing and finally polish with a polishing agent until the film is flat and bright. If the scratches are particularly noticeable, you will need to give your car a beauty.

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Supply of Mingtai Aluminium Sheet Metal

Part of Mingtai aluminium sheet metal panels

1 Series: 1060/1050/1100/1070 aluminum plate,
2 Series: 2024/2A12/2017/2A11aluminum plate,
3 Series: 3003/3004/3005/3A21 aluminum plate,
5 Series: 5052/5083/5754/5182/5005/5086/5A02 aluminum plate,
6 series: 6061/ 6063/6082/6005/6060 aluminum plate,
7 series: 7075/7005/7050, 7A09 aluminum plate.

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