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What are the advantages of insulation aluminum?

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Insulation aluminum plate, aluminum skin and aluminum coil have always been the hot products of 1060 aluminum plate. What are the main advantages of thermal insulation aluminum plate? Mingtai Xiaobian introduces you to:

1. Insulation aluminum plate is corrosion resistant

The thermal insulation aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance. Compared with the iron skin, the thermal insulation aluminum plate has a long service life, is in an outdoor environment, is not easy to corrode and aging, and has a beautiful surface. Therefore, many electric power and chemical enterprises now use thermal insulation aluminum plates as insulation materials.

2. Insulation aluminum plate has excellent fire insulation and heat insulation performance

The heat-insulating aluminum plate will not melt after high temperature. When the heat-insulating aluminum plate is exposed to fire or is subjected to high temperature, its outstanding heat-insulating function is only that its surface speeds up rapidly, agile produces coke and acts as a flame-resistant extension, and the inner core is not protected. The effect of incineration has outstanding refractory and thermal insulation properties.

3. The cost of insulating aluminum skin is low

The density of the thermal insulation aluminum skin is low, so the quality of the thermal insulation aluminum skin under the same area is light, the recovery value is high, and the service life of the thermal insulation aluminum skin is 3-5 times that of the white metal, which can save a lot of labor for the user over the service life. ,Material costs.
The many advantages of the thermal insulation aluminum plate have made him develop vigorously in the thermal insulation industry. The heating aluminum plate of Henan Mingtai Al.Industrial Co.,Ltd has complete specifications and large inventory. Users are welcome to come to purchase.

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