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Aluminum skin

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Aluminum skin introduction:

The aluminum skin is actually a thin sheet of aluminum, which can be flat or rolled in the form of a roll. Since the iron sheet does not have the anti-rust effect, the aluminum skin has been completely replaced in the domestic aluminum sheet.
Aluminum skin is one of the more commonly used products in aluminum strip material. China can now produce 1060 series (pure aluminum) 3003 series (rust-proof aluminum) 5052 series (corrosion-resistant aluminum) and other series. The product has a beautiful appearance and a smooth appearance. It can be well adapted to the use of pipeline insulation packaging.

Advantages of aluminum skin:

At present, the aluminum skin produced in China (also known as thermal insulation aluminum) is widely used in pipeline insulation packaging and has good advantages:
Advantage 1: Because the specific gravity of aluminum skin is 2.71, it determines that the weight of aluminum skin per square meter is very light, which can save a lot of raw materials and reduce costs for enterprises.
Advantage 2: Because the aluminum skin has the characteristics of aluminum, the external light is smooth and clean, which has a certain aesthetic effect. And in the later stage, there is no need to worry about the rust phenomenon of the product.
Advantage 3: Easy to construct, the plasticity of aluminum is relatively high, and it can be easily bent and entangled. Greatly improved work efficiency.

Use of aluminum skin:

Aluminum skin is generally used on the insulation side. The insulation aluminum skin is suitable for power plant insulation, pipeline insulation, indoor and outdoor wall insulation, and the thickness is generally 0.3mm-1.2mm. The width is between 1000mm and 1250mm.

Advantages of aluminum skin:

Aluminum skin also has good rust and corrosion resistance, which can meet the requirements of materials in special environments. The aluminum skin is also characterized by excellent strength, resistance to pressure from the outside during the laying process, and protection of the material under the metal.

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