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Industrial Aluminum Foil Rolls

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Industrial Aluminum Foil Rolls

Industrial aluminum foil includes tape alu foil, cable foil, honeycomb foil, etc. The common alloy are 1235, 1100, 8011 aluminium foil for industrial purposes. These industrial aluminum foil rolls are widely used for insulation, construction, shielding, packaging, etc. As we all know, aluminum foil generally has a series of advantages such as soft texture, tight material, strong airtight, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and rust resistance, economy and durability. In addition, different series of aluminum foils play different roles In the industrial field. Let’s find it !

industrial aluminum foil

Industrial Aluminum Foil Rolls Features and Applications

1.Thermal Insulation and Barrier
Thermal insulation is the biggest characteristic of industrial aluminum foil. The composite aluminum foil can reflect approximately 96% of the radiant heat, thus providing an effective insulation layer for pipe insulation or building insulation. Besides, aluminum foil for industrial use and various packaging, can effectively block the steam, water, light, etc. Such as the applications of roofing panels, Vehicle heat shield, aluminum composite panels (ACP), honeycomb panel.

industrial aluminum foil


In addition, taking advantage of its shielding property, industrial aluminium foil is often compounded into cable foil, aluminum foil tape, etc. Among them, cable foil is often used for insulation of power cables. It helps reduce electromagnetic interference to surrounding electronic equipment. Besides, the industrial aluminum foil adhesive tape is also widely used for shielding, repairing, etc. And it is very durable, even when exposed to extreme cold or extreme heat.

Technical Parameters of Industrial Aluminum Foil Rolls

Typical Application Typical Alloy Temper Thickness Width Tensile strength Elongation
Tape foil 1235, 8011 O/ H18 0.01-0.2mm / ≥45MPa 8-18%
Honeycomb foil 3003, 3004, 5052 H18/ H19 0.02-0.2mm 350/ 380/ 420/ 450/ 480/ 500/ 520/ 590/ 620mm 200Mpa 1%
Aluminum composite panel 1100 H16/ H18 0.01-0.25mm /
Cable foil 1235 O 0.038, 0.045, 0.05mm 500/ 1000mm 45-80MPa 4-15%

industrial aluminum foil

Industrial Aluminium Foil Roll Manufacturer

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