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Aluminium Foil Price in Pakistan

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Aluminum Foil Price in Pakistan

Aluminium foil price in pakistan covers price of 8021, 8011 and other alloy aluminium foil in pakistan. Mingtai aluminium foil manufacturers in pakistan supply prime 8021-O pharmaceutical foil, 8011 alu foil for semi-rigid containers, and best factory direct prices ! What’s more, Mingtai aluminium foil in pakistan ensures A grade wettability, clean oil removal, flat version, superior performance, customizable specs. Therefore, let us rest assured procurement and use!

aluminium foil price in pakistan

Aluminium Foil Price Per Kg in Pakistan

Warm reminders, our aluminium foil price per kg in Pakistan is quoted on the basis of 1000kg( 1 metric ton ). This is because our product are jumbo roll aluminium foils. And they have a thickness range of 0.018-2mm and a width of 100-1650mm. Now, let’s take a look at the specific aluminum foil price in pakistan !

Price of 8021 Aluminium Foil in Pakistan

Overview: The 8021 aluminium foil price in pakistan is slightly higher than 8011 alloy foil, due to its excellent ductility. For example, its min elongation is 13% far greater than 8011. In addition, 8021 aluminum foil also has sufficient strength, outstanding, corrosion resistance, and surface treatment effect, etc. So it’s widely used for food and pharmaceutical packaging, and other various fields.
Typical Applications: 8021-O pharmaceutical foil, Alu alu foil, House hold aluminium foil, various Food packaging, etc.
Common Thickness: 60 microns, 50 micron, 20mic, 15 mic, 12 um, etc
Alloy Element

Alloy Grade Fe Si Cu Mn Mg Zn Ti Others Al
8021 0.5-10 0.4-0.8 0.10 0.10 0.10 0.10 0.05 ≦0.05 Balance

aluminium foil price in pakistan

Price of 8011 Aluminium Foil in Pakistan

Overview: Alloy 8011 aluminium foil price in Pakistan is more economic than other 8 series foil. In fact, 8011 alu foil is famous for its outstanding stamping. And It also has high strength, processability, formability, corrosion resistance and so on. Therefore, it is perfect material for food container, various cap material, etc.
Typical Applications: Semi-rigid containers, Foil sheet for PP cap/ ROPP/ Closures/ Die cut lids, etc.
Common Thickness: 100-110 microns, 60-65 microns, 55-60 microns, 40-45 micron, 20 mic, 18 mic, 16 um, etc.

Alloy Element

Alloy Grade Fe Si Mn Cu Mg Cr Zn Ti Each Total Al
8011 0.6~1 0.5~0.9 max 0.2 max 0.1 max 0.05 max 0.05 max 0.1 max 0.08 max 0.05 max 0.15 Balance

aluminium foil price in pakistan

Aluminium Foil Manufacturers in Pakistan

Welcome to Mingtai aluminum foil manufacturer ! Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd is one of aluminium foil manufacturers in pakistan with more than 24 years production experience. So here, there is not only 1-8 series aluminium foils with complete alloy grades, temper, sizes, as well as preferential price of aluminium foil in pakistan. Therefore, if you are looking for aluminum foil and aluminium foil price in pakistan, then just send an e-mail, or leave an online messages. We will quick offer the satisfactory price for you ! Come on !

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