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The Difference between 6061 Aluminum Plate T6 and T5

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Introduction of 6061 Aluminum Plate T6 and T5

6061 aluminum plate is a commonly used product of 6 series aluminum plate. It belongs to aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy. There are 6061 t6 aluminum and 6061 t5 aluminum plate commonly used in the market.
In the production process, the aluminum alloy products of the 2, 6 and 7 series can be quenched to increase the strength of the aluminum plate. Quenching is to cool the alloy aluminum plate product to a certain temperature and then suddenly cool to achieve the required hardness of the product. This is the process that both T5 and T6 need to go through. So what is the difference between T6 and T5?

6061 t6 aluminum

The Reason Why 6061 Aluminum Plate is Waved

In addition, the 6061 T651 aluminum plate commonly used in the market should be added with a stretching process. Because the 6061T651 aluminum plate is often used by customers for subsequent processing such as bending and deep drawing, the internal energy of the hot extruded aluminum sheet must be completely released by stretching. If it is not released, the surface of the aluminum plate may be bent and waved later.

The Different Use of 6061 Aluminum Plate T6 and T5

First of all, the difference is that the 6061 T6 aluminum plate means that the aluminum plate is cooled with water immediately after reaching a high temperature, so that the aluminum plate reaches the required hardness. However, T5 is rapidly cooled by air cooling after high temperature to achieve the required hardness. From the time point of view, T6 water cooling, that is, artificial aging takes a shorter time, but the natural aging of 6061 T5 aluminum plate air cooling takes 2-3 days.
However, in the application, the T6 hardness is higher than T5, 6061 T6 also has excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, and is widely used in military, civil, and concrete structures. Its price is also increased by USD 113 per ton. The 6061 T5 is used in general environments where strength is not critical.

6061 t6 aluminum

Advantage of Mingtai 6061 Aluminum Plate

1. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is a domestic aluminum plate manufacturer. 6061 aluminum plate is one of the advantages of Mingtai Aluminum. Mingtai aluminum products have good processing performance, good corrosion resistance, no deformation after processing, and excellent characteristics such as coating and oxidation effect, widely used in automotive lightweight, mobile phone casing, etc., with excellent reputation;
2, Mingtai Aluminum has obtained the “Weapons and Equipment Quality Management System Certification” and “SGS Automotive Aluminum Certification”. The 6061 aluminum alloy plate produced far exceeds the national standard, military quality, and provides the original warranty book, the quality is more assured.

6061 t6 aluminum

3. Mingtai Aluminum has invested heavily in the introduction of a world-class 3000T stretching machine, which can perform 1.0%–3.0% tensile plastic deformation of the sheet in a specified time according to the process requirements. The transition of plastic deformation eliminates the residual internal stress of the product after quenching, ensuring that the product does not deform during processing.
4. In the process of customer cooperation, Mingtai Aluminum has summarized the specific requirements of customers for 6061 aluminum plates:
(1) The thickness tolerance of the board surface is required to be small (generally positive tolerance).
(2) The hardness should reach the standard (HB is above 95 degrees).
(3) The amount of deformation after processing is small.
(4) The flatness is better.

The State of Mingtai 6061 Aluminum Plate

The state of Mingtai 6061 aluminum plate includes F,O, T4, T6, T651,H112.

The Technical Parameters of 6061 Aluminum Plate

Typical alloy 6061 aluminum plate
Thickness (mm) 0.3-500
Width (mm) 100-2800
Length (mm) 500-16000
Typical product Concrete structure, Mold, Automobile, Precision machining, Mobile phone card slot, Mobile phone case, etc.

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