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Cold rolled aluminum category

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What is Cold Rolled Aluminum?

Before we get to know the cold rolled aluminum category, let’s first understand what cold rolled aluminum is. Please allow me to go in detail. Cold rolled aluminum is formed by hot rolling aluminum and processed by continuous cold deformation. In general, the process of hot sheet rolling, pickling, and cold rolling refers to the cold rolling process. Although the aluminum sheet is heated during the processing because of rolling, it is called cold rolling. Of course, we can easily find that cold rolled aluminum and hot rolled aluminum are related. For example, since cold rolled aluminum is obtained by hot rolling aluminum after cold rolling, and some surface finishing is performed while cold rolling, So, the cold rolled aluminum sheet is better than the hot rolled aluminum sheet in surface quality (such as surface smoothness), and the formed appearance is better. Then, if there is a high requirement for the coating quality such as the subsequent lacquering of the product, it is recommended to select a cold rolled aluminum sheet. In addition, the cold rolled aluminum plate usually has a slightly higher yield strength than the hot rolled aluminum sheet, and the surface hardness is also higher, depending on the degree of annealing of the cold rolled aluminum. However, the annealed cold rolled aluminum plate is stronger than the hot rolled aluminum sheet.

cold rolled aluminum category

Cold Rolled Aluminum Category

Cold rolled aluminum category can be further divided into cold rolled coils and cold rolled coils in the industry. The specific cold rolled aluminum category has two main categories, cold plate and cold coil. The cold plate can also be called cold rolled plate and cold rolled plate, and the cold rolled can be called cold rolled coil and cold rolled coil. In addition, the cold rolled aluminum category also includes some less varieties, such as cold rolled box, cold rolled hard sheets, cold rolled sheets, etc. This name is mainly named because of the shape and material of cold rolled aluminum. With different local customs, the arguments are different. In addition to the difference in cold rolled aluminum specifications, the cold rolled aluminum category is more detailed, which depends on which type of cold rolled product is the type, for example, the most often cold rolled aluminum category. There are 1060, 1050, 1100, 1200, 1070, 3003, 3105, 5052, 8011 cold rolled aluminum.

cold rolled aluminum category

Most Complete Supply of Cold Rolled Aluminum Category

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co.,Ltd provides you with the most complete cold rolled aluminum category, including 1060, 1050, 1100, 1200, 1070 cold rolled aluminum sheets in 1 series aluminum alloy, 3003, 3004、3005、3015、3A21、3104、3105 in 3000 series aluminum sheet, 5-series including 5052, 5083, 5754, 5182, 5005 cold rolled aluminum sheet, etc., Weclome to click the right customer service dialog box to enter the information content you want to obtain. Yes, we have professional staff to answer your questions quickly. These cold rolled aluminum category products cover the general structural parts and stamping parts of construction machinery, transportation machinery, construction machinery, lifting machinery, agricultural machinery and light industry and civilian industries. Mingtai cold rolled aluminum exports more than 100 continents 7 Countries and regions, Australia’s market share of more than 40%, is the second largest manufacturer of global aluminum foil and foil enterprises in the Americas, with 20 years of manufacturing technology, product quality is trustworthy, come and buy it!

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