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How to choose a marine aluminum plate?

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Marine aluminum plate is one of the new fields of aluminum alloy products. With the rapid development of light weight, the market for aluminum plates used in ships has also been continuously improved, and its market development space is relatively large. Therefore, marine aluminum plates are also the transformation of many aluminum processing enterprises. The focus of the upgrade. Then, in the face of many aluminum plate manufacturers, How to choose a marine aluminum plate? Here, listen to what the teacher said.

Marine Grade Aluminum

How to choose a marine aluminum plate?

An aluminum processing enterprise in Henan has experienced more than 20 years of experience. It has rich production experience and mature processing technology. One of the masters has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. In fact, it was not very familiar at first, but After years of accumulation, gradually learned more about the deeper information.
Select manufacturers, to compare: users in the purchase of marine aluminum plate is to combine the Internet to select a high reputation, strong manufacturers, and then choose 2-3 to conduct field visits, so that the purchase will be more assured.
Selection of products, heavy quality: product quality can be said to be very critical, excellent welding performance, good cold workability, strong corrosion resistance, then more stable in the post-processing, and better efficiency in processing and production, back It can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles for users, and the product quality and performance are better, and the security is more advantageous.

Marine Grade Aluminum

5083 aluminum plate price

The price of aluminum ingots fluctuates to a certain extent every day. The processing fee has a certain relationship with the specific specifications (length, width and thickness) of the 5083 aluminum plate. The price of the conventional 5083 aluminum plate is relatively low, and the price of the ultra-wide 5083 aluminum plate and the 5083 pattern aluminum plate is relatively expensive, because the production of the ultra-wide 5083 aluminum plate manufacturer is rare.

Marine Grade Aluminum

Mingtai 5083 marine aluminum plate manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum professional aluminum manufacturer has more than 20 years of rich experience in production and processing, and strives to quality = quality + brand forward, choose peace of mind, use peace of mind, service comfort, and grow and grow over the years, products from R&D, production and sales are all completed by themselves. Regular visits to users and friends are conducted to understand the use of the products, and problems can be solved in time to absorb experience. Mingtai Aluminum is still one of the few manufacturers that can produce 5083 ultra-wide aluminum sheets. The width of the 6-roll cold rolling mill imported from Germany can reach 2650mm. The rolling speed of the six-roll cold rolling mill is fast, the rolling force is large, and the aluminum sheet is produced. The panel type is good, the thickness tolerance is small, and the surface quality of the aluminum plate is better, brighter and more delicate.

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